Top Tips on Taking Risks


“Leap and the net will appear.”

What does that quote mean to you? It’s about going for it, and not knowing if or when you’ll feel safe, secure or sure that you made the best decision. Risks are risky…obviously. But playing it safe is well, even riskier.

Every single thing that we do, or don’t do, involves risk. Each time you make a decision you aren’t entirely sure what the outcome will be. It’s impossible to know the how our actions will impact ourselves or others. It’s impossible to know exactly how life will turn out or what’s in store for us.

Risk is defined as the human interaction with uncertainty. I mean, who the hell likes uncertainty? Uncertainty exposes us to loss, harm and danger. But, uncertainty can also lead us to incredible joy, huge wins, and experiences that change us for the better.


So, here are few tips

1. Look at the opportunities and rewards in risk-taking.  Each time you’re holding back on doing something risky, list all of the potential benefits and focus on the potential positives of going forward with it.

2. Think of the individuals you consider successful, joyful, or on top of their game. Find out about the risks they’ve taken and learn about their approach to risks.

3. Think of times in your life where you took a risk that paid off. Consider if it was a calculated risk (made with some thought) or if it was a foolish risk, and how it turned out. Did you learn something that helped you? Did you grow and improve?

4. Approach risk with an optimistic attitude. If you think things will work out, they probably will. If you know that even through loss, or setback you’ll continue to navigate and find a way to come out on top…then you freaking WILL. Risk, learn, grow, improve. Risk, learn, grow, improve.


We sure as hell will never know unless we try. The more risks we take, the less power we give them and the more open we are to adventure. I love leaping, I know the net will appear…eventually, even if I have to make the damn net from scratch.

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