How To Respond Better To Stress


What do you do when you’re down or stressed? Do you try to numb the feelings, run from them or mask them?

How do you respond to feelings of uneasiness (loss, pain, hurt, anxiety, loneliness, boredom, uneasiness, not doing well in your training, etc.)?

This post is a reminder (to you and to me) and a challenge.

  • Stressful times will happen and we can respond with unhealthy or negative thoughts and behaviors, or, we can choose to rise and become better instead. Remember, what feels good and what is good for you isn’t always the same. When we discover what both feels good and is good for us, that’s when we shine.

The next time you’re feeling stressed or another feeling which ideally you wouldn’t choose to be feeling..

  • Challenge yourself to respond with healthy behaviors that make you a more well-rounded and whole individual.
  • Challenge yourself to have healthy, positive thoughts and to spend time in prayer or meditation. Use these times to reach out and be with others who can help build you back up.

Try to respond better this week and see how it feels to make a conscious choice to think about and do things that bring you up. Here are a lot of other beneficial options

We have choices. We can respond to the low moments and actually use those shitty feelings to fuel our desire to listen and be purposeful. Or, we can feel those uncomfortable feelings and act in unhealthy ways that will keep us down. Choose wisely. 



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