How To Dodge Gossip & All The Negativity That Comes With It

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Gossip. The funny thing is, no one really likes it, or thinks they are doing it, but it happens a lot. Each time you make a comment about someone or something that can be viewed as judgmental, rude, hurtful or negative…then you are gossiping. Commenting on the actions, lives or habits of others (especially those that you don’t agree with) can take time away from more productive, enjoyable conversation and action.

Instead of engaging or agreeing in these “gossipy-convos”, try these suggestions

My top two ways

  • Say nothing, and just smile and be silent
  • Say something kind about the person or the situation others are talking about – “Oh, I actually see him differently and really enjoy his perspective.” or “I really appreciate the way they did that because it challenged me.”

Or, try one of these other ideas

  • Mention that you’re not in the right place to comment on the situation or person and remove yourself from the conversation
  • Flip the conversation completely and try to connect intentionally and more meaningfully with the others who are present by asking them about their goals, desires, plans, fears, hopes, etc.

Try one of these suggestions this week and see what happens. The more positivity you spread, and the less negativity you engage in…the better. Well, that’s what I think anyway.

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