Which Is Better, A Little or None?


You know you can’t make it to the full hour workout today, so you do nothing instead.

You believe that you don’t have time to meditate or take 30 minutes of quiet time, so you don’t take any at all.

You can’t commit to 100% clean eating for a month, so you keep eating unhealthy foods throughout your week.

You don’t have time to work on butterfly pull-ups 3x a week like your coach wants you to, so you keep putting it off.

Have you ever been there? Where you don’t freaking have time to do it how you want to (or planned to), so you simply don’t commit to anything. It’s like we think that doing just a portion of it, isn’t worth it at all. But, is that true? 

  • Could you implement 1-3 minute quiet breaks into your day?
  • Could you commit to 3 days of clean eating days a week?
  • Could you do 50 burpees in your living room and feel like that’s better than nothing?
  • Could you do 10 pull-ups before and after each workout and still get better?

“All or nothing” thinking might not be helping you get to the next level. What could you do in your life to limit this thinking pattern? What changes can you make this week to challenge yourself to act differently?

Just some thoughts, if this helped you…toss it a thumbs up so I know.



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