How To Reach Your Goals Faster


We often want to do things on our own. It’s often not the quickest or most effective way to make changes. The people around us can really help us, teach us and inspire us…if we allow them to. If you want to become better at something, then you can expedite the process by surrounding yourself with others who are already really good at that thing. You can pick up on their good habits and ask them for help when you begin to struggle.

Say you want to be more patient this year. Find someone who you feel is always showing and expressing patience (at least better than you) and be near them more often. Want to be more optimistic and generally happier? Hang out with the happiest people you can find, and see what they do to cultivate that mindset. Try to use methods that have worked for them, and use their energy to ignite yours.

Try this

1. Write down the traits or characteristics that you want to improve

2. Write down people who you know that embody those traits

3. Hang out with those people more to learn and be inspired – pick up on their habits and language

Of course, this works for “physical changes” you want to make too. If you want to be stronger, train with strong people. Want to lose some body fat? Surround yourself with others that have success maintaining or obtaining a strong, lean body.

Seek after what you want, and learn from those who are good examples. 


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