Don’t Fear Change


There is often a lot of anxiety and worry leading up to a change. When things are changing, or are about to change, you might feel confused or angry. I think a lot of the anxiety happens because we don’t exactly know what to expect, or because people assume that change is a negative thing.

Sure, life might be a hell of a lot “easier” if more stayed the same and if there were less surprises. That also means it would probably be lot more stagnant and boring. You would not grow or evolve if there were no change. In the same way that your muscles need to be “taxed”, in order to grow and improve, you also need to be “taxed” and challenged, in order to grow and improve.

Does that make sense? Here’s a quick way to learn to appreciate change, and not to fear it

Try this reflection drill

  • Write down 3 or more times in your life where something changed, but good came out of it. It may have taken a little while to evolve, but now you are glad that change occurred, and you wouldn’t change it for anything.

This will help you to remember and realize that change often means that positive will follow. If at first the change seems daunting, have faith that you can grow and improve because of the challenge. You can even look forward to change, because you want to evolve and have adventure.

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