GPF: Belief Is A Catalyst For Achievement

It’s “Guest Post Friday”! On Fridays, I feature thoughts from individuals who have strong input about the mental side of fitness, training and life. I normally select witty and honest articles, that give you practical tips and advice. This post is all about “belief” and how important it is to your success. Check it out!


“We are surrounded by doubt everywhere we look.  Some of it is external, sure.  But the most powerful and compelling doubt that poses a threat to our achievement is self-imposed.  We have all experienced self-doubt at one point or another.  It is natural – knowing that we will inevitably fail at something or another is a defense mechanism that tempers our expectations and helps us avoid disappointment.  But there is another, more profound effect.  It also serves to limit our efforts.  Doubt is a self-fulfilling prophecy that inhibits our ability to seek what we want to achieve.

Enter belief.

Belief is the foundation upon which mankind’s greatest achievements were built.  Every grand structure, advance in science/medicine, amazing discovery starts as a belief (yes, even accidental discoveries were rooted in belief).  But in this same vein, so does everything that we achieve on a personal level.  Every good grade we get, every pound we add to our strength numbers, every improvement in conditioning, every success in our professional and personal lives starts with that very same belief.  The Little Engine That Could had it partway right – “I think I can” is good; “I know I can” is better.  In believing, we hold true to the idea that we are capable of amazing things – and we are.


Belief is powerful; but all of these achievements are not possible with belief of success alone.  There is another type of belief that we should realize.  This other type is a belief in our efforts – that everything we do in pursuit of our goals has taken us that much closer to where we want to be.  Often, we can lose sight of this belief when in the middle of a particularly arduous cycle or difficult moment – but if we take a step back and see where our struggles fit in to the big picture, it puts things into perspective.  Please don’t mistake this for me saying that we need not question anything.  It is healthy to always ask “why” and to want to understand the purpose of our actions – in fact, when we design programs, we constantly stop to ask ourselves “why,” forcing us to identify the purpose in each and every movement, combination, time domain, and rep scheme.

So is the crux of the philosophy to which we hold so dear at CrossFit Aliquid – that belief is a catalyst for achievement.  We believe that each and every single one of our members is capable of great things; we believe that a carefully crafted and solidly executed plan is the tool by which we can accomplish our fitness and health goals; we believe that within this plan there should be allowances for adjustments based on current ability, overall goals, and areas for improvement identified along the way (for example, someone who is strong but lacks proficiency with bodyweight movements may have a different plan of execution within our programming than someone who is a bodyweight “ninja” that lacks overall strength); and we believe in the ability of every person to deny and overcome the voice of doubt.

So what is the bottom line of all this?  First, for each goal that we set for ourselves, we have to hold on to the belief that we have the ability to achieve it.  Second, and equally as important, we must believe in the fruits of our endeavors.  Every rep we complete, every second of every minute of mobility, every gasp of air we take as we fight the clock and our burning muscles/lungs – we need to believe that it is all worth it.

And when we achieve, we find that it is.”

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2 thoughts on “GPF: Belief Is A Catalyst For Achievement

  • Patrick

    Hey, great article! Yes belief is so important and I agree is definitely one of the cornerstones of success. You are so right that the most compelling doubt is imposed by ourselves…it is ourselves that can be our biggest asset or also our biggest enemy.

    There’s an African proverb that says: ‘If there is no enemy within then the enemy without can do us no harm’.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂