Are You Drifting or Are You Centered?


Think about this for a moment: Are you in control of your thoughts and where you’re putting your energy? Or, do you feel like other people, and your surroundings are guiding your thoughts?

Imagine you get to the box, and people start to talk about the WOD, how many reps someone got, how much weight they expect to lift, how hot it is, and how stressed they are. Others start asking you how you’re going to break down the reps, if you think you are going to get a good time, or what you think about the programming. Before you know it, you’re second guessing yourself, you’re focused on beating someone’s score, you’re complaining about the WOD, or you become flustered or annoyed. You head into the WOD feeling like you might not to as well as someone else, you might not finish, you’re not even sure you want to be there anymore, or you don’t even care what happens.

Today’s post serves as a reminder: If you don’t constantly remind yourself of your own purpose and your own focus, then you will be guided by others and your environment. That’s why so many people are “going through the motions” in training and in life. It’s human nature. We all have desires, and we are often influenced by the opinions of others, social norms, our surroundings and images/advertisements.


So, instead of drifting along, or letting others decide what’s important to you, you have to…

  • Regularly remind yourself of your goals, mission, purpose, intentions and focus. Constantly bring your thoughts back to your “why”, and what you want to do with your time, energy and effort. The more you can do this, the better. Create the habit of thinking about your purpose before each WOD, and as soon as you feel your focus shift towards an undesired, unhealthy, or unproductive thoughts.


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