Dealing With CrossFit Haters


Has anyone ever questioned why you do CrossFit? Have you ever felt like someone is attacking you for your choice of training methods? Have your family members our friends thought you were crazy?

I know that you’ve probably had to communicate with a “CrossFit Hater” before. Sometimes, it’s not easy to ramble off the definition of “fitness” and how CrossFit aims to achieve it. You might find it challenging to quickly stand up for the kipping pull-up, or why you did 30 snatches for time.

Next time you feel like you need to “defend” CrossFit…maybe don’t even try (or go for it if you’re really in the mood).

  • Instead, simply say, “All I know is that doing CrossFit helps me be a better person.” Mention that doing it makes you a better employee, a better dad, a better friend, a better volunteer, a better ______, smile, and leave it at that. 

It’s nearly impossible to argue against that.

Often, instead of trying to prove something, or defend it, it’s better to just say a positive and refreshing comment. Besides, our lives and our actions are far more impactful than our words. So you don’t need to convince them that you’re “right,” just focus on being an inspiring example.



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