Replace Anxious Thoughts


Sometimes you can’t talk yourself out of anxious or negative thoughts. Of course if you’re feeling a lot of doubt, stress, fear or anxiety, I recommend that you begin to change your thoughts or talk them out with someone, but sometimes it just doesn’t seem to work. Right? It sucks when that happens.

I used to have a lot of anxiety (read more about my struggle here) and I hated that I couldn’t seem to control how nervous I felt. As I was learning how to deal with my anxiety attacks, I began to try a ton of different strategies to see what would help. I learned that when I couldn’t talk myself out of my anxious, or negative thoughts…I needed to do something. I found a trick that usually helped. As I felt my anxiety increasing, I would drop down and do push ups. I would go until failure, take a quick break and go again. I kept doing them until my arms were absolutely smoked!

That’s where this quote comes into play

“Replace negative thoughts with positive actions.” – Coach Dawn Fletcher

  • A phenomenal way to deal with negative (stressful, anxious, doubtful, fearful) thoughts, is to take action.  You can always make a move in a more positive direction, by doing something.
  • If you feel yourself getting caught up in your thoughts, simply begin to do something. You might start cleaning, do push ups, go on a run with a friend, or pick up the damn bar. Just get moving.

Let this post serve as a reminder, that sometimes we have to think less, and do more.

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