Practice Patience By Shifting Your Perspective

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How you act in the box carries over to how you act outside of the box. How you respond to challenges outside the box, carries over to how you respond when you’re struggling in the box.

How you deal with praise, frustration, crazy people, success, and the unexpected.  You are one person, with one mind and a whole bunch of thoughts.

Waiting in lines, traffic jams or on a telephone call can be frustrating sometimes. Instead of getting angry and putting yourself in a bad mood, * use that time to your advantage.

If you don’t typically think you’re a very “patient” person, here is your opportunity to practice. Most of us move through are days in fast forward, and an unexpected pause in the day can actually serve as a reminder. Tell yourself that it’s actually good for you to have these opportunities where you’re “waiting.” You can change your perspective on lines, traffic, and unforeseen delays.

The more you practice this, the better you will be at staying in control of your mood and emotions. You’ll be able to stay calm and patient when others are bitching and struggling.

*Yes, you are putting yourself in the bad mood. Don’t blame the situation or the other people or the environment. You decide your mood.


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