Why To Set Intentions

Before you do anything, you can give yourself a little pep-talk. I like to remind myself of things that are important to me all the time. I set reminders in my phone, leave myself messages, put notes in my calendar and I feel like I’m always thinking about how to improve my mindset.

In the morning, before I do much, I remind myself and think about what I want to practice throughout my day.

I give myself a talk that goes something like this:

  • “Be MORE patient, selfless, loving, intentional and compassionate.” I think about how I might be able to speak differently, act differently, and even think differently, so that I can live into these words. As a coach these adjectives are particularly important to me. 
  • I remind myself of these words as often as I can. It changes from time to time as I switch my focus to other goals (depending on what’s going on), but I found that this are the things that are most important to me.

What have you been praying, meditating, or reminding yourself of recently? Comment below! 

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  1. Liz Becker says

    I love these short little articles! It is nice to have a little positive reminder or tip every so often. I have to remind myself to live here and now because nothing in the future or the past will matter if I can’t live in the present.

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