Why Judging People Is Hurting You

I’m pretty sure you have said (or thought) something like one of these statements

“That coach sucks, I saw him cheat reps one time.”

“That girl is stupid, she freaked out for no reason.”

“I hate ____, he is an ass when he trains.”

“Did you hear what ____ did this weekend? That guy is a total idiot.”


We are all way too quick to judge. The thing is, each time we categorize someone as “all bad”, we miss opportunities to be open and to learn. No human is 100% perfect and no one is 100% evil. Everyone makes mistakes. A lot of people do and say really stupid things.

Anyway, the point of this post is to challenge you to be “slower to judge”.

  • Instead of judging someone, or categorizing that person as horrible, you can look at their actions, or behaviors and think for a second (before you let yourself speak negatively).
  • Then, as you assess someone’s behaviors (that you feel are inappropriate), simply ask yourself if you want to be more like that person, or less like that person.

Each time you catch yourself thinking that someone sucks, based off of something you have seen or heard…challenge yourself to a new way of thinking. Recognize that amazing people screw up. And people who regularly screw up, are also capable of doing great things.

We are all human, and we will all make mistakes. You don’t know exactly what that person is going through.  How people act in one situation does not mean that is a reflection of who they are all the time.

You can choose to look at others, and decide not to judge, yet to be willing to learn from them.


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