A Very Simple Coaching Method

To be very effective as a coach, you must provide clear and positive feedback to athletes. We can all find ways to improve our communication skills so that we can do a better job of connecting with others.  I am sure there have been times where you have “over-stated” a point, or felt like you rambled with your coaching.

You’ve also probably had times where you didn’t know exactly what to say to an athlete, so you didn’t say anything at all. Instead of doing either, come back to some simple and basic coaching strategies.

When you’re ready to give constructive feedback, try “The Good, Better, How Method”

  • Good: Start with stating something they did correctly.
  • Better: Suggest something that they could do even better. *or what I like to do is ask athletes what they think they could improve on. I think it’s even more powerful when it comes from them.
  • How: Give specific coaching and instruction on how they can improve.
  • You can always finish with a compliment, because that encourages athletes to really understand that they’ve done something well, yet they can always improve. We want to remind athletes to stay focused and positive.

Try it out. Continue to encourage those around you, and take the time to build relationships with the individuals who you coach!

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