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This interview features Lindy Barber!  She contacted me because she  is also passionate about the mental aspect of this sport (and she loves mentality WOD). Lindy has shown over and over again just how determined she is to compete at a high level. Her mentality absolutely sets her apart because she is willing to do what others are not. Her outlook is positive and she continues to see incredible improvements in her training because of it.

Check out Lindy’s answer to my interview questions and learn more about the mindset of this great athlete.

1. Why do you do CrossFit? 

I do Crossfit because I love everything about it. I love that it keeps me fit, I love that it keeps me competitive, I love that it keeps me humble, I love that it is always changing, I love that I am constantly getting better, and I love the community and family that I have developed because of it.

2. What is the one mantra, quote, slogan, or piece of advice, that means the most to you?

Don’t let success go to your head and don’t let failure go to your heart. 

3. What do you focus on thinking about in the minutes leading up to a WOD or event?

I always try to remember the plan that I have for it and to remember to stay calm and have fun. I think about how lucky I am to be able to CrossFit at all and do my best to remind myself to just focus on my own workout and not get caught up in everyone else around me.

4. What strategies do you use to mentally recover after a WOD that didn’t go quite how you wanted it to?

This is the toughest part for me. I am so hard on myself that sometimes I really have a hard time getting myself away from negative thinking after missing a lift I thought I had, or taking way longer on a workout than I had planned. If there is another event of WOD after, I try to regain focus on that next event. I think about how I can make up for it with the next event and prove to myself that I am where I want to be. 

5. Why do you think the mental aspect of this sport is so important?

The mental aspect of CrossFit is HUGE. Your body is capable of so much more than you can ever imagine and as soon as you start to doubt yourself or think about how heavy something is or how hard a workout is gonna be, it immediately makes it even heavier and makes the workout even worse. Whatever emotions I bring into my workout totally dictate how my workout goes. One of my weightlifting coaches once told me, ” The bar is not heavy. The emotional weight that you bring to the bar is what makes it feel heavy.” I have never approached a barbell the same after that. 

6. If you had to use 5 words to describe yourself as an athlete, what would you use?   

Passionate – Dedicated – Determined – Competitive  – Resilient

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Lindy Barber | A Crossfit Story from Shaughn Tillman Films on Vimeo.



I’m Dawn Fletcher, the owner of MENTALITY WOD. I help driven-individuals perform better and achieve greatness in all that they do.

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  1. Dana says

    Lindy Barber, you are so inspirational, so beautiful- not just physically but also and most importantly mentally!!! You are the example of what dreams are made of! Thank you for sharing ‘you’ with us! Thank you for giving me the motivation.

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