Interview with Margaux Alvarez

This interview features Margaux Alvarez who competed in The CrossFit Games 6x! I’ve known Margaux since 2012 and I’ve enjoyed watching her grow, train and compete. Margaux’s mentality absolutely sets her apart, and she is a great role model in this sport because of how she carries herself. She understands what it takes to get to the top, but she truly enjoys the journey as well. Margaux is a special person and I’ve enjoyed getting to know her better.

Check out Margaux’s answers to my interview questions and learn more about the mindset of this incredibly talented athlete.


1. What do you like to think about in the minutes leading up to the start of your event? Say while you’re in the corral or waiting for the “10 second call”?

I close my eyes, visualize the workout or movements and take a big breath and smile. I tell myself that I can do this and that I am prepared and ready.

2. What strategies do you use to mentally recover after a WOD that didn’t go quite how you wanted it to?

Many times I review splits, video, technique, transition and then determine where to improve. This pattern is something I repeat every day in practice in order to execute a well rehearsed plan efficiently when it counts. 

3. What is the one mantra, quote, slogan, or piece of advice, that means the most to you?

My mantra is: Focus. Drive. Execute. It has helped me get prepared and focus in training and competition. 

4. What makes you keep pushing when the WOD starts to get really shitty?

I think just one more rep, one more rep. 

5. What’s your biggest motivation for competing?

My motivation is to help others achieve their goals and I have come to find the better I am in this sport, the bigger platform I have to do that. My motivation to compete is the community. 

6. How have you most improved (mentally) from a year ago?

I have given myself credit for the work that I have accomplished, which is something that I wasn’t able to do before. The opinions of others are less of a concern this year as well and the expectations that I place on myself are fair. 

7. Do you regularly work on improving your mindset by reading anything, or practicing any skills or strategies?

Yes, I write down my goals and visualize them on a daily basis. I like to blog and share my experiences with others, as it allows me to reflect on certain moments in training. I practice my circle-breathing and visualization exercises daily. 

8. Do you think you do a good job of staying balanced as a competitive athlete?

Yes. I have an amazing boyfriend that helps me day in and day out to achieve my goals. I have learned to think outside the box which has given me an ample amount of time to pursue my goals while allowing me time to enjoy life in the process. Everyone is different and has their own ways of coping with the amount of time this sports requires, but yes, I would say my life is very balanced.

9. What do you believe you have to be really good at mentally, in order to be the best at CrossFit?
The belief and confidence in yourself, the ability to endure through the tough times and stay level-headed through the great times and the ability to remove yourself from toxic environments. 
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