Inner Circle Coaching FAQ

How Does Inner Circle Coaching Work?

1. You start by filling out the assessment on the coaching page which will get sent to me

2. We decide if we are a good fit, and what package would work best for you

3. We schedule our first session, hop on a call, Skype or Facetime for 45min-1hour

4. We review your assessment and I get to know you better (goals, motivations, experience, areas of opportunity, etc.)

5. We schedule our next call (typically a week or 2 later)

5. We continue to work through a plan and coaching that will help you improve your mentality and performances

6. I send you notes, drills, readings, strategies and suggestions to help keep you on track

7. You get better and better and better


What If I’m Interested But Unsure If It’s For Me or Think It’s Too Pricey?

1. Send me an email ASAP and let’s find out how I can help. I may be able to offer another option that would work better for you financially. It all depends on my current commitments –

2. Review the press kit and testimonials to find out more about me and this coaching

3. Start by joining the mailing list and receive your free download. Add your info to the bottom/footer of this page


How Do I Get Started With One-On-One Coaching?

1. Email me or complete the assessment before purchasing any coaching package.

*One-on-one coaching is available on a VERY limited basis. I want to be able to give my time and energy to each person and my clients are extremely important to me so I don’t take on many people at once

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