You’re Waiting For The Wrong Thing

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Stop waiting to be completely fearless before you do.

Stop waiting for zero stress before you go forward.

Stop waiting for perfection before you commit.

Stop waiting for anxiety to fully go away to move on.

Stop waiting for doubts to be removed before you take action.

YES, there are things you can do every single day to reduce your fear, stress, need for perfection, anxiety and doubts. I strongly believe that there are thoughts and behaviors that will help you navigate through each of those feelings so that you can accomplish your goals.

BUT, expecting for those uncomfortable emotions to completely go away may be holding you back. If you don’t take action because you’re waiting for one of those feelings to be gone, then you may not get anywhere at all. If you think that you’re not “supposed” to be feeling any of those uncomfortable emotions, then you may constantly battle with them and choose to be limited by them.

My suggestions? 

Step 1: Learn about what you can do to respond to and reduce feelings of fear, stress, needing perfection, anxiety and doubt.

Step 2: Practice the thoughts and behaviors that help you every day. I’ll keep practicing too 😉

Step 3: Recognize that you’ll still have those feelings at times and that they are okay and normal, but still TAKE ACTION FORWARD.


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One Comment on “You’re Waiting For The Wrong Thing

Paul Howe
December 9, 2015 at 9:48 AM

Sometimes you just need something to give you a push to get you to act in spite of your fear and anxiety. Find a way to put your feet to the fire, and you’ll find it’s a lot easier to get yourself to finally do that thing/those things you’ve been planning to do but still haven’t gotten yourself to do. When it’s do or die, most people tend to opt for “do” 😉


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