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 Are you ready to perform your best?

Do you want to see what you’re capable of?


It’s time to maximize your ability with The Mental Edge Program.

This is the only comprehensive online program that helps athletes improve mental performance for training WODs and competitions.

Your mind can work for you, or against you. It can help you perform your best, or it can keep you from achieving great results. Those who work on their mental game will continue to hit PRs and will always find a way to win.


Mental Performance


Do you have some of these questions?

  • How do I keep going when I’m tired and it starts to feel hard and heavy?
  • How can I stay calm when I am so nervous and anxious?
  • How should I prioritize all the goals that I have?
  • What’s the best way to stay focused during intense WODs?
  • How can I build mental toughness?
  • What should I do when I’m stuck in a training rut?
  • How should I mentally prepare for a big event?
  • How can I make sure that I push my hardest and leave it all out there in a competition?

ALL of these questions are answered in the program



What is the program?

  • It’s a unique program packed with information, given to you through videos, drills, tips and interviews. I’ll show you exactly what you need to get a mental edge in WODs. I’ll help you develop tools to overcome the mental battles you’ll face.

Who is it for?

  • The program is for individuals who want to push their physical limits and hit their goals. It’s for the experienced athlete who is looking to compete locally or at The Games. It’s also for the newbie who wants to know how to get the most out of their capabilities.

 Do I need it?

  • The Mental Edge Program will bring you to the next level. If you want to be fitter, faster and stronger, you must work to consistently improve your mentality. When you have the mental edge, you are capable of anything and you will get MUCH more from your workouts.

What athletes are saying:


“I have become much more aware of where my mind is during WODs and this has made a HUGE impact on my performance”

         -Miranda, a CrossFit HQ Trainer prepping for The CrossFit Games


“You can only go as far physically as your mind will allow, this training helped me to push even further.”

        – Kyle, a CrossFitter who was preparing to enter BUD/S Navy Seal Training



“The Mental Edge Program is perhaps the most important training tool you haven’t implemented yet, but absolutely must in order to reach your full potential as a competitor.”

      – Steph, CrossFit Invictus, So Cal Regionals Competitor and owner of StupidEasyPaleo


If you want to do your absolute best, every time you train or compete,

you need to be mentally prepared.



Author: Dawn Fletcher CSCS, MA Kinesiology with specialization in Sport Psychology, CrossFit Level 3 Coach, Owner of

The purpose of The Mental Edge Program is to help individuals reach their potential. I have studied every aspect of strength and conditioning and sport psychology, and I have been coaching CrossFitters since 2007.

I only work one-on-one with select athletes, and I know that every CrossFitter can benefit from this coaching, so that’s why I created The ME Program. Through The Mental Edge Program, I can now help athletes all over the world, perform their best. Read more of my bio HERE.




Sections Of The Mental Edge Program

You’ll start with the INTRODUCTION to learn the ins and outs of the program

In SECTION 1A and SECTION 1B, learn how to become a Driven CrossFitter who is fired-up and consistently reaching the next level. The greater your purpose, the greater your will is to push. Dive in and learn how to reach your goals and stay pumped up for training.

The tips and drills in SECTION 2, the Focused CrossFitter, will teach you how to get in the zone and zero in on what’s most important. To get faster and stronger, your focus needs to be sharp and unwavering. Learn how to block out distractions and prepare to give your best effort.

In SECTION 3, the Confident CrossFitter, you’ll learn how to be ready for any situation. In order to crush your workouts, you need to believe that you can. Learn how to control your thoughts so they are working for you, not against you.

In SECTION 4, the Adaptable CrossFitter, you will learn how to harness your energy and emotions. You’ll discover how to get calm or pumped-up in a matter of seconds. Learn how to be steady and strong regardless of your environment or circumstances.

The focus of SECTION 5 is becoming a Balanced CrossFitter. Find out if you’re training too much or not enough. Know what you can do to gain control of your schedule and your priorities. Learn valuable tips about how to balance your training and life.

SECTION 6 will help you become a strong CrossFit Competitor. If you’re ready to test your abilities again others then this section is packed with tips about how to compete your best. You’ll learn all the mental strategies you need for your upcoming event(s).

When you’re all done, visit The Wrap-Up Page!


$55.00 Now $37.00
1-time payment for 6 months of access




What else do I get with my $37 purchase? 

  • A Self-Talk Demo Video
  • Downloadable Event Preparation Grids and Prep Drills
  • Video Examples for Breath Control Training
  • Routines & Mantras To Build Confidence for Performance
  • A Downloadable Relaxation Imagery MP3
  • Numerous Journal Drills To Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Mentality
  • 6 Months of UNLIMITED online access



How does this “access-only” thing work?

  • Once you purchase, you’ll set up a private username and password, so that you can log in to view this online training program ANY time that you want. Your one-time payment of $37 will give you 6 months of access to the program.
  • You’ll receive 1 email from PayPal, confirming your purchase and 1 email from me (make sure to check your spam folder for it) directing you to set up your username!
  • This is a self-paced program, but I do make some general suggestions if you’d prefer to follow more of a structured weekly timeline. 6 months will give you MORE than enough time to go through the program, and revisit the information.
  • During your 6 months of access, you can continue to log into the program via I suggest saving the site to your bookmarks bar so that you can easily access the info.



What are the objectives of the program?

  • To help you understand how much your mentality impacts your performance.
  • To improve your mental strength and fortitude, so that you can overcome anything.
  • To help you find and keep your flow or zone state so you can have laser-sharp focus.
  • To teach you ways to have your thoughts and emotions work for you, not against you.
  • To give you strategies to improve in your daily WODs, and prepare you to head into a competition.
  • To help you form the ultimate mindset so you flourish in training and in life outside of the box.

Amazing Feedback & Testimonials


The Mental Edge Program provides a wealth of knowledge, tips, tricks and concrete plans to overcome setbacks, set new PRs and become a better athlete. It is easy to navigate and includes great video demos. As a CrossFit Athlete I love it, as an Affiliate Owner, it will be my go to resource!” Geo, Owner of CrossFit Federal Hill

“Dawn’s coaching has transformed the way I approach my training and competition. Her Mental Edge Program has helped me find a calm focus, be better prepared to compete, and taught me that my thoughts can really pave the way to reach goals I didn’t think possible.” Kathy, CrossFit 760


 “Dawn helped me realize that anything’s possible when you let your body stop you, not your mind.  I am forever thankful for Dawn and her guidance.” Dani Horan, 18th fittest in the world 2013 & 2014

“Since I started the Mental Edge Program, I’ve been more focused on what I have to do in a WOD, at the box, in my life. I’m finally learning to let the doubtful voices, the nagging voices in my head just go away and replace them with more positive talking. There isn’t anything I would change in the program.” Rita S.


[simple_box] “Dawn breaks down your mental game and how it affects your everyday everything. I feel like her training applies to everything but it is especially helpful for those who CrossFit. The Mental Edge Program is full of valuable concepts that area easy to understand and universally applicable beyond your workout. I really encourage everyone to check it out. It is a life improvement tool.” Johnathan H, CrossFit Central

Dawn Fletcher lays out a plan for you to take control of your mind and your workouts. The Mental Edge Program has given me tremendous perspective, not only in my athlete challenges but in other areas of my life as well.  I not only had external results, PRs and wins on the race course, but in a beautiful way, it significantly altered how I see myself as an athlete.” Alexis H, DI Rower & CrossFitter


 “If you’re looking to improve your mental side of CrossFit, contact Dawn. Dawn’s ability to help me get the most out of each workout has had such an impact on me as both an athlete and a person”. I would highly recommend this coaching for any serious CrossFit Athlete.
– Bruce Y, CrossFit Select, 16th Fittest in the world 2015 (master’s group 50-55)

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