Athlete Testimonials


“Dawn is a GURU. She’s helped me in all aspects of CrossFit. She gives me confidence that I can keep going and is teaching me how to enjoy the journey. I highly recommend Dawn’s teachings and services. I’m going up to the next level in training and more importantly life. I really love her style and care.”- Vic McQuaide, 4th fittest at 2014 CrossFit Games (45-49), 8th in 2015



“One of the biggest adaptations we see in CrossFit is mental. I knew I needed this more than anything and sought coaching with Dawn Fletcher.  I have become much more aware of where my mind is during WODs and this has made a HUGE impact on my performance. I look forward to continuing to work with her as I work toward my goal of competing in the CrossFit Games!” – Miranda O, CrossFit HQ, Games Team Competitor 2014 & 2015


“My biggest challenge with CrossFit had always been a struggle with the mental game. Dawn helped me realize that anything’s possible when you let your body stop you, not your mind. I am forever thankful for Dawn and her guidance. One of my biggest weaknesses used to be the mental aspect of competing. This year, it was no longer a weakness thanks to Dawn. If it wasn’t for her and all the training we had done prior to the regional, I wouldn’t have been able to handle certain situations this year.” – Dani Horan, Champlain Valley CrossFit, 4x CF Games Athlete



” Dawn has completely, totally changed my life for the better. She has helped me learn how to better cope with disappointment, she’s helped me become mentally stronger, and helped me believe in my abilities more than I ever have.  Her unwavering support and belief in me makes me feel more confident in myself and my abilities. I trust her 100% and it’s really awesome to work with a coach who makes me feel like a priority. I appreciate her much. “– April L., 2x CrossFit Games Masters Competitor



“Without Dawn’s help I definitely wouldn’t have been able to change as an athlete, I felt like I had plateaued.  What she was able to help me do, is go from the top 100 in the world, to the top 20. If you’re looking to improve your mental side of CrossFit, contact Dawn. Dawn’s ability to help me get the most out of each workout has had such an impact on me as both an athlete and a person.” I would highly recommend this coaching for any serious CrossFit Athlete.” – Bruce Young, CrossFit Games Masters Athlete 2015



“When I first got injured, I kept stressing about “getting back to where I was”. Dawn has helped me embrace that I am a different athlete now with richer experiences and stronger mental and physical health than ever before. I am very grateful for her support this past year and also very grateful to be embarking on my 8th CrossFit Games season.” – Christy Adkins, 6x CrossFit Games Competitor 

“You can only go as far physically as your mind will allow. Training with Dawn helped me push even further as I was preparing for Seal Training.” – Kyle C, Navy Seal, CrossFitter


“Dawn helped me get 3rd place at The 2017 World Police and Fire Games. I love working with her; she’s incredibly knowledgeable, down-to-earth and we have a damn good time together. As a coach, and a box owner, regular sessions with her is one of the best things I do for myself.” – Tony A, CF Master’s Athlete, Box Owner


“Working with Dawn came at just the right time for me. Dawn helped me to see that taking care of myself and my training is just as important as taking care of my members. She helped me believe in myself as an athlete and a person. She helped me see that I am more than just my scores on a workouts and reminded me why I started this sport that we all loves so much! Dawn is so easy to talk to and open up to. Thanks to Dawn I can now allow my training to be whatever it needs to be for the day. I am more calm, open and focused in my workouts and I know it is just me against myself. Thank you Dawn for returning the balance I was missing in my life!”
– Kirsten Pedri, CrossFit Games Athlete 2017, 2nd Fittest in California Region 2017


“I have been a competitive athlete in various sports for my entire life, and have always known that your mental game played the biggest role over skill and talent. Each year I would find a new hole in my game and I would work at improving it. In this past year, I knew it was time to tackle what was going on between my ears. After working with Dawn throughout the past year, I realized that what she had to offer played more into my entire life, than just my competitive career. I utilized her mental strategies to improve not only my performance, but my personal relationships, my business, and just my normal, everyday life.
Dawn’s support throughout the year was imperative. She was there when I needed her most, and when things seemed under control, she still found ways to help me become a better athlete and person. Dawn’s coaching over the past year, is one of the best decisions I have made for myself – Taryn Romanowich 7x CrossFit Regionals Competitor, Canada East
“Dawn has helped me simplify my life, prioritize what’s important, and stay on track when major obstacles come along. I am so thankful for her and our relationships. She has been such an influence on my life and has brought me closer to God. What I love most about working with Dawn is that she is someone who calls me out on my BS, she holds me accountable, challenges me, and is someone I can trust and rely on. I know she wants what’s best for me. ” – Taylor Drescher, CrossFit Games Team Athlete, 2016; Marine Corps Veteran


“As a strength and conditioning coach I consistently use physically challenging training sessions to mentally challenge the athletes I work with. The mental training tips I give them to deal with the stress of training and competition come directly from Dawn of Mentality WOD. They want to be the best so I’m giving them the best information from a trusted source. Personally, I use them as well being a strength athlete turned CrossFitter. I wouldn’t be where I am at today without Dawn’s help.” – Wendell R, Assist Strength Coach at USC



“I would highly recommend working with Dawn to improve your mental game, whether you are a competitor or simply looking to get the best out of yourself and working past performance hurdles.  What you learn will also carry over into your life outside of the gym.  As a long-time athlete/competitor, Dawn has helped me gain greater clarity and focus on why I choose to train for competition.  Dawn has helped me release my death grip on striving for perfection and the stresses that come with it.  By learning to be my best cheerleader, versus harshest critic, my focus on achieving balance as well as the daily positives and opportunities that come from my training, and outside the gym, has resulted in increases in my performance.  I have found greater enjoyment in my training that would not have otherwise been realized on my own. What Dawn has taught me has also enabled me to be a better coach to my members, helping them with the mental aspects of their training.” – Kristine H, CrossFit Games Masters 2014, Canada East Regionals 2010-2014


“Working with Dawn helped me learn so much about myself. Before, I was constantly worrying about things that where outside of my control and it negatively affected my performance. Now, I feel I have a better idea of my state of mind and my mood before going into a WOD. I am able to use whatever emotions I have at the time to help me through the workout. I am able to focus much more on training and getting stronger!”– Mike B, Caged CrossFit



“Prior to working with Dawn, I struggled with various ups and downs as an athlete with training and competing in Crossfit.  As a result, it also influenced and affected my life outside the box, e.g. family, friends, relationships, work.  But since working with Dawn I’ve learned to take the time to look at situations as an opportunity for growth and in turn, my performance and focus in training/competing have greatly improved, and I’ve also developed more meaningful relationships with others, having a more balanced life. I love that Dawn challenges me both physically and mentally to get outside my comfort zone and it’s never in a pushy, annoying, nagging manner that would turn me off completely.Working with Dawn has changed my life and my relationships with others as she takes the time and effort to listen and learn about me as an athlete and a human being.  I am very grateful to have Dawn in my corner through all the triumphs and tribulations that I’ve experienced ” – Virginia Ki, Full Metal CrossFit
“I originally started working with Dawn to help get a mental edge on competitors which I struggled with. Dawn has helped me see bigger picture, to focus on smaller feats that come together for a bigger one, in motocross she’s helped me love to ride and give it all even throughout practices again. I love her positivity and how she does all she can to help me.” – Connor Mullinex, Pro Motocross Athlete 

“Its amazing… I am seeing all the good, my mindset has really improved overall and it seems like there is a ripple effect with my whole life. Honestly I thank you so much for all the mental strength you showed me that I have, I am so impressed with the 1 on 1 coaching! Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!” – Vincent Neirgarth, The CrossFit Side

“I believe that CrossFit is at least 80% mental. Working with Dawn has helped me to figure out what works for me so I can alter my training to get 100% out of it.  I am so much more aware of my mental state and how to pump myself up and calm myself down.  Whether its a regular training day or a competition, I feel like I have more control over my performance.” – Kelly C, SF CrossFit, 2x South East Regionals Competitor 



 “I can’t say enough about how much Dawn has helped to become a better athlete (and person) with her mental coaching. Her coaching has taught me how to prepare for success when it comes to a lift or a workout, what I can do to lift myself up and learn from setbacks, and most importantly, how to live in a positive space in my own mind during my training. Since working with Dawn, I have seen so much success in and out of the gym and I really can’t thank her enough for teaching me how to be mentally strong!”  – Spencer K, CrossFit Hillcrest

“I follow the Outlaw programming and that in itself is pretty intimidating in my opinion. Following all the tips you’ve given has really allowed me to push myself through things I never thought I would be able to accomplish. Unintentionally hitting a snatch PR twice in one week, and so much more, all thanks to the mental tips and strategies I’ve learned from you. CrossFit has changed my life, and you’ve allowed me to take it to a whole other level.”
– Camilla N, CrossFit


“I really cannot express how much this one-on-one coaching has changed my life. Dawn made me realize anything in life, not just Crossfit is attainable. Without her help I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I wouldn’t have been able to change my state of mind.  I always struggled with being confident and Dawn gave me the tools to master my mind, my body both inside and out.” – Andi S, CrossFit Waterloo, Canada East Regionals Competitor 



“The mental aspect of training & competition is just as important, if not more so, than the physical side. How many times have you seen an athlete talk themselves out of a lift, or out of pushing through a tough workout? How many times have you done it yourself? Coach Dawn Fletcher provides mental coaching in an easily understandable and relatable way. Not in complex and abstruse physiological terms, but in real, simple, actionable strategies that we can use both as coaches, and as athletes ourselves.” – Casey Langdon, Owner of Magni CrossFit



“Dawn’s coaching has transformed the way I approach my training and competition. Her Mental Edge Program has helped me find a calm focus, be better prepared to compete, and taught me that my thoughts can really pave the way to reach goals I didn’t think possible.” – Kathy C, CrossFit 760, So Cal Regionals Competitor



“Working with Dawn has not only changed my mindset in the gym, but out of it as well. It’s easy to tell that she is truly invested in helping her athletes be the people they want to be in any way she can. I know it’s made a difference in my life.There aren’t that many who actually make you feel like they believe in your far fetched dreams. In the short time I’ve worked with her I can tell that she is one of the few.” – Amy H. CrossFit Seven Cities Athlete



“Thank you Dawn. You are doing a really amazing thing here and I am so glad to have found you. I haven’t walked away from any workouts feeling bad about myself. It has been easier to stick to my goals and the small things that I set out to do each week.” – Melissa H, CrossFit Motivate


“Dawn has coached me for years, and I completely trust her advice and guidance. She has helped me become 1 of the top 130 fittest females in Southern California, and I continue to climb. I am so thankful that she cares about me athletically, and personally. I know that with her by my side, I’ll reach my biggest goals.” – Crystal C. CrossFit Athlete 



“Dawn’s coaching has helped me mentally succeed before I step on to the arena to compete. She has taught me workouts are won and lost in the mind before they actually happen. I have learned to be calm and patient during the chaos of competitions. Her positive guidance has helped me to become a better CrossFitter and to be better in life. I would not be half the athlete I am today if it was not for Dawn’s help.” – Cameron S, CrossFit Active Performance


“Dawn has been such an inspiration and great coach along this journey. I cannot thank her enough for all of her guidance and support truly when I needed it most, and for giving me the tools to discover some things about myself that I wanted to change.” – Steph G, CrossFit Fortius, Owner of Stupid Easy Paleo



“I earned Bronze at the IWF Masters Weightlifting Championship!  My mental game is getting better and better. A great deal of that is attributable to you. Thank you again for all you do for us athletes.” – Angie McCord


“Dawn is a great coach. For the brief time I had her in my life, she pulled me out of a particularly dark time. I will never forget it.” – Nick S. 


“Last year, a month before the open began, I was taking some time to reflect about what could be added to my training to help me reach the next level.  My mental game was missing.  I was too often negative and just did the work without thinking about it. I have used MENTALITY WOD to bring both my training and professional life to the next level.  I begin every warm-up visualizing the work ahead, and I finish every session only focusing on the positives instead of dwelling on the failures.  These and many other techniques provided by Mentality WOD is precisely what my training needed.” – Rob M. 


“Since started the MENTALITY WOD, I’ve been more focused on what I have to do in a WOD, at the box, in my life. I’m finally learning to let the doubtful voices, the nagging voices in my head just go away and replace them with more positive talking. There isn’t anything I would change in the program.” – Rita S. 


“Thank you so much for helping me. You are an excellent coach, I mean that in the most genuine way possible. All the coaching sessions have been informative and illuminating. I feel mentally prepared for any challenge I may face. It’s really been an amazing journey to work with you. Thank you. Thank you for guiding me to better ways of thinking and for encouraging me.” – Stephanie H., CrossFitter


“Dawn’s mental training has made a huge difference for me. I learned how to mentally attack workouts and focus. I have hit huge PRs all because I learned how to prepare myself mentally. Thank you so much for your help.” – Jake M, CrossFit Mission Gorge, So Cal Regionals Competitor


“Dawn’s coaching and tips have made a world of difference to how I go into workouts. It’s almost like a calm washes over me, and I start thinking clearly.” – Holly B, CrossFit Launceston 


Dawn’s knowledge of the mental aspect of sport-does not end at CrossFit. Her materials on Mindset in Sport have helped shape and improve my own coaching techniques for my Triathletes and Long-Course Runners.  She is elite and passionate about what she does and is a constant resource for all of my coaching practices.” – Chris T, Owner LEB3 Multi-Sport LLC


“I completed all of the suggestions made in The MENTALITY WOD PROGRAM and immediately noticed a difference in my attitude – I was much more positive and didn’t find things as an obstacle or a challenge as much as I did in the past. I love your website and often refer to it when my mental edge is waning or when I need an extra boost before I tackle a race or competition!” – Suzie C.



“Dawn Fletcher pushes me to limits I didn’t know I had. She challenges me to be a better person and to become confident in my physical abilities. I am so grateful for Dawn teaching me that failure is a necessary part of success. She has taught me to continually focus on what I want to improve on and how I can become better. I would not be able to meet my life and fitness goals without Dawn’s help and guidance.” – Rebecca S, CrossFitter


The MENTALITY WOD provides a wealth of knowledge, tips, and concrete plans to overcome setbacks, set new PRs and become a better athlete. It is easy to navigate and includes great video demos. As a CrossFit Athlete I love it, as an Affiliate Owner, it will be my go to resource!” – Geo Rockwell, Owner/Athlete at CrossFit Federal Hill 


“Working with Dawn has not only taught me the power of being fit, but the physical and mental power I have as a woman. I am thankful for her existence. – Heather K, North West CrossFit


“I’m so thankful that you are MY coach but also that you coach. A great injustice would be going on in this world if you did not share or coach as you do. You have a confident and calming presence and are so knowledgable that I feel like I cannot lose by having you on my side!” – Jeanne B, CrossFit Athlete


“Coach Dawn helped me approach my WOD differently, which set me up for  so many more PRs. Certain lifts became such a head game for me. I now use the mental strategies she has taught me and its helped a ton.” – Jillian T, CrossFit Love


“I’ve really enjoyed The MENTALITY  WOD Program. It’s helped me not only in CrossFit, but in other areas of my life. I’m a CrossFit coach and I know what is realistic and how to help others, but it seems I throw my knowledge out the window when it comes to my own training. Your program helped me determine ways to decrease my negative thinking and self-defeating habits. Thank you again.” – Candice C. 


“As a CrossFit athlete, endurance athlete, and varsity football coach, I understand how important the mental aspect of sports can be. Dawn is very clear, positive, and enthusiastic in her coaching. I’m a believer.” – Dave M, CrossFit Federick



“Dawn breaks down your mental game and how it affects your everyday everything. I feel like her training applies to everything but it is especially helpful for those who CrossFit. The MENTALITY WOD Program is full of valuable concepts that area easy to understand and universally applicable beyond your workout. I really encourage everyone to check it out. It is a life improvement tool.” – Johnathan H, CrossFit Central


MENTALITY WOD has really helped me to focus on ME versus focusing on everyone else at the gym. It has also helped me to stop focusing on the things I can’t do, and start focusing on getting better at the things I want to do! I have always had an issue with my self confidence, inside and outside the gym. But The Mental Edge has definitely given me some tools to believe in myself and my abilities more! It is a good feeling!I really like the format and all the videos included with the program.” – Becky S.


“Dawn lays out a plan for you to take control of your mind and your workouts. The MENTALITY WOD Program has given me tremendous perspective, not only in my athlete challenges but in other areas of my life as well.  I not only had external results, PR’s and wins on the race course, but in a beautiful way, it significantly altered how I see myself as an athlete.” – Alexis H. DI Competitive Rower


“I think the content  is excellent and well explained, direct. Thanks for putting this stuff together, I’ve looked around a lot for mental training-type courses and yours is some of the best I’ve found. I really appreciate the resources on your blog too, I really feel like you’ve helped me become a better athlete and a better person.” – Thomas C. 


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