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Best Practices When You’re Waiting

    Throughout your day you’ll have moments of waiting. You’re 5 minutes early for a meeting. You’re in line at the post office or grocery store. You’re waiting for your significant other at the restaurant. Traffic. Customer service calls. Waiting for your training partner. Sometimes the waiting can be viewed as an annoyance, and you’ll start to feel agitated by the inconvenience. Other times, you’ll see it as a chance to chill for a couple of minutes, and it’s no big deal. Either way, when you’re waiting…you have choices. When you start to feel frustrated or impatient, you can […]

How To Be Calmer During The Open

Are you feeling especially nervous about The Open this year? Is the hype getting to you? Do you feel pressure from your own expectations and the scores of others? Are you finding it hard to unwind, relax and sleep well? Are you over-caffeinated and under rested? Are you feeling shitty about yourself after seeing others perform? Do you want to learn how to go through The Open with a calmer state of mind? If you answered yes to 1 or more of the questions above, ya gotta keep reading. First off, some worries, frustrations, and doubts are part of doing something […]

How To Build Mental Strength Before The Open

6 Ways To Improve Mental Strength Before The Open 1. Write down at least 10 thoughts or strategies that help you keep pushing in a WOD. These could be words, quotes, mantras, reminders, cues, etc. What helps you the most when it starts to suck? If you’re stuck, consider what coaches have said to you that you’ve found helpful. If you really have no freaking idea where to start, I highly suggest the most comprehensive program I offer,The Mental Edge Program 2. Redo some of your “least favorite” CrossFit Open WODs from the past. If you haven’t done any of […]

3 Quick Mental Prep Methods For Athletes

Do not fall into the habit of walking in the gym and jumping right into the warm up without doing any mental preparation. Don’t chat with others about their plan and their goals until you’ve run through your own mental prep. Don’t even think about looking at the scoreboard or leaderboard without first considering your own focus areas, goals, and purpose. See, most people will do those things, and you don’t want to be most people do you? You want to be more confident, motivated and mentally strong…right? That’s why you’re on this site, reading this. So, BEFORE you talk […]

When To Stop Asking Why

“Know your WHY.” You hear myself and other leaders say it all of the time. I encourage you to know your purpose behind doing whatever it is you’re currently doing. Before any event, important day or training session, I suggest you run through a few key reminders why it matters to you, why you want to give it your best and why you want to accomplish your goals. The stronger your why, the stronger your will. The more connected you are with your purpose for doing something, the more likely you’ll pursue excellence in it. Your why matters. But, there are also […]

How To Develop Athletic Awareness

As a CrossFitter, you can probably name your Deadlift PR, Fran Time and Max Unbroken Handstand Walk if you were asked. If you play sports or compete in any other events, you can probably list your personal records, athletic achievements, best games and numbers from training. See, the more you know yourself, the easier it is to perform in a flow state. You’ll be able to make effective adjustments on the fly. You’ll find  it easier to push your limits and stay motivated. You’ll have a stronger understanding of what’s possible and how to set yourself up for success. Developing athletic […]

What NOT To Say On Event Day

When you’re at an event, there are hundreds of factors that can easily grab your attention and distract you from your purpose. Your mind is constantly filtering different stimuli as you try to stay calm and confident. People all around you are asking you questions and trying to engage. To be your best, you have to learn how to navigate conversations and practice only talking about things that will HELP you. You gotta work on what you’re saying, how you’re saying it and who you’re choosing to say it to. What you talk about often becomes what you think about. So, if […]

Instead Of Chasing Wins, Do This

Unfortunately, we can’t control if we win or lose. I bet if we could, well there would be no losing. There would be no letdowns or mistakes, failures or setbacks. We’d always come out on top, we’d always perform up to our expectations. So, since you can’t control whether you win or lose, would you benefit from focusing on something else? Yes. In this post I write about how to focus on process goals instead of outcome goals. Continuing to tell yourself, “I have to win,” “anything outside of first place sucks,” “I need to get on the podium,” or “everything has […]

Control Anger With 2 Questions

When you’re getting angry, you’re beginning to experience a strong feeling of or showing annoyance, displeasure, or hostility. Anger will show up in many different ways and can often lead to statements or actions that aren’t so pleasant. You may end up doing or saying something that you wish you could take back. You may respond to anger by showing aggression or raising your voice, and it could negatively impact those around you. If your anger boils up at home or work, you become short-fused and unable to communicate effectively. If it shows up when you’re competing, you may ruin your chances (or your team’s […]

Positive Thinking Isn’t Always The Answer

“Stay positive…” you hear it all of the time. Coaches are drilling it into your head and there are hundreds of quotes out there aimed at helping you reframe your thoughts to be more positive. Of course I believe in the power of optimism and using hopeful language, that’s one of my core values. But, trying to convince yourself that something uncomfortable is “fun” or “good” isn’t always the best thing. Trying to pretend that you “love” something that you really don’t like, normally isn’t the answer.   Example: You see that ‘100 wall balls for time’ is programmed for you. You […]

10 Distorted Thinking Patterns To Watch Out For

    This list is SO DAMN GOOD. I have written about almost every one of these topics on MENTALITYWOD.COM All-or-Nothing Thinking – Read more about how this can hold you back, and how to think in a more positive, yet realistic way in “Optimistic Realism: Do you have this attitude?” Overgeneralization – Read more about how common this can be when you’re trying to reach a fitness goal in “Don’t Generalize” The Mental Filter – Read more about how to make sure you’re thinking about progress and not about how far you still have to go in “Be Careful […]

How To Set Process Goals To Perform Better

What do you want to happen in your upcoming performance? Do you want to win? Do you want to finish in a certain time? Do you want to hit a specific number of reps? Do you want to be in the top 10? Do you want to make it to the next stage in competition? Score, time, placement, weight, and reps are all OUTCOMES. They are all results that come from your actions. Sure, it’s helpful to embrace your desires and to understand what you want to happen in your performance. But, are you missing the most important steps? Are you […]