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How To Be Calmer During The Open

Are you feeling especially nervous about The Open this year? Is the hype getting to you? Do you feel pressure from your own expectations and the scores of others? Are you finding it hard to unwind, relax and sleep well? Are you over-caffeinated and under rested? Are you feeling shitty about yourself after seeing others perform? Do you want to learn how to go through The Open with a calmer state of mind? If you answered yes to 1 or more of the questions above, ya gotta keep reading. First off, some worries, frustrations, and doubts are part of doing something […]

What Type of Mentality Helps You Perform?

Occasionally I feature posts from other individuals who have helpful input about the mental side of fitness, training or life. I learn a lot from the athletes who I work with, and I love to share their stories and tips. Enjoy this post by April Lowe, CrossFit Masters Athlete (2015 &2016 CF Games) and someone who I’ve had the pleasure of coaching over the past 6 months. She recently finished 3rd place at The 2017 Wodapalooza and is prepping for The Open.     What Type of Mentality Helps You Perform Your Best? I have discovered recently that I perform my best when I approach each […]

3 Quick Mental Prep Methods For Athletes

Do not fall into the habit of walking in the gym and jumping right into the warm up without doing any mental preparation. Don’t chat with others about their plan and their goals until you’ve run through your own mental prep. Don’t even think about looking at the scoreboard or leaderboard without first considering your own focus areas, goals, and purpose. See, most people will do those things, and you don’t want to be most people do you? You want to be more confident, motivated and mentally strong…right? That’s why you’re on this site, reading this. So, BEFORE you talk […]

How To Quickly Assess Your Performance

After a workout, take a few minutes to assess yourself and the quality of your session. Do this regularly and you’ll develop incredible self-awareness, you’ll be more focused and therefore less likely to repeat errors in the future. You’ll learn how to push yourself harder and you’ll develop critical lessons to become a more mature athlete. To be your absolute best, you need to reflect on how you performed and grow because of your experience. It’s not enough to just do the work, you gotta learn from what you do if you want to keep progressing. When you assess your […]

Is Overplanning Limiting Your Success?

Some people are just natural planners. Some spend A LOT of time preparing by evaluating data, studying strategies and developing specific steps for future events. Some even come up with Plan A, B, C, D, E…. in an attempt to establish a comprehensive plan for every freaking imaginable situation. This can be a helpful practice, but it can also be very demanding. It can limit your ability to be present, confident and calm. Excessive planning can lead to anxiety, disappointment, stunted creativity, lack of trust and scattered focus. I also have seen “overplanning” actually hinder performance and limit success. No, I’m not […]

5 Ways You’re Wasting Time At The Gym

Are you wasting time at the gym? If any of these things are habits of yours, it’s likely that you are. 1. Checking your phone between sets or parts of your workouts. Do you find yourself posting while training and getting back to non-urgent messages while you’re at the gym? You may use your phone for a timer or to record a video, but when you do, be careful not to respond to messages or check your social media. It’s best to turn it off or put it away while you’re working out. 2. Talking to everyone else about their workouts. Do you find yourself talking to […]

What NOT To Say On Event Day

When you’re at an event, there are hundreds of factors that can easily grab your attention and distract you from your purpose. Your mind is constantly filtering different stimuli as you try to stay calm and confident. People all around you are asking you questions and trying to engage. To be your best, you have to learn how to navigate conversations and practice only talking about things that will HELP you. You gotta work on what you’re saying, how you’re saying it and who you’re choosing to say it to. What you talk about often becomes what you think about. So, if […]

4 Keys To Getting In The Zone

Flow state. The zone. Those special moments when you feel like you’re able to just let go and do. It’s the feeling of being fully immersed in the activity. You’re able to perform naturally and with ease. You’re totally wrapped up in the moment, and time seems to pause or fall away. Have you ever been there? Where something just feels spot on? Where everything is clicking and your body is just doing and it feels surreal yet incredible? “Flow state” is achieved when certain variables all come together. It’s a magical experience and it’s rare to feel totally “in the zone.” 4 Keys […]

3 Reasons You Don’t Perform Better In Competitions

Do you perform better in training and practice than you do in competitions? Do you feel like you just can’t “put it all together” when it matters the most? Do you often finish events feeling frustrated, down or pissed off at yourself for underperforming? What the hell is going on here? 1. Training intensity – Are you pushing yourself in your training regularly? Do you train with others who help you dig deeper and push harder? Or, do you find that you’re working hard in practice, but it fails in comparison to what you feel on competition day? Train with […]

3 Things To Focus On Instead of Your Goals

It’s a new year and many of you are thinking about what you want to accomplish. You have fitness goals, financial goals, and tons of life goals swirling through your head. But, if you keep thinking about what you want to accomplish, you might never get there.  Why? Because you can’t just focus on a goal, you have to focus on what you can control and influence. You’ve gotta create a plan, keep things simple and have as much positive support as possible. So, instead of focusing on your goals, and the outcomes you want to achieve… Step 1: Focus on creating systems […]

Your Training Year In Review

The year is coming to an end. I know that you’ve had your share of highs and lows just like I have. Taking some time to reflect will help you clearly see all the positives that came from your efforts. Run through these questions and take some notes about your responses. Identify how you’ve improved mentally and physical over the past year. Mental 1. Which relationships helped you grow as an athlete the most this past year? Thank them.  2. Which areas of your mentality improved the most this past year? Jot down how they improved. 3. Which books, podcasts, speeches or […]

You’re Waiting For Something That Will Never Happen

Stop waiting to be completely fearless before you do. Stop waiting for zero stress before you go forward. Stop waiting for perfection before you commit. Stop waiting for anxiety to fully go away to move on. Stop waiting for doubts to be removed before you take action. YES, there are things you can do every single day to reduce your fear, stress, need for perfection, anxiety and doubts. That’s why I’ve created over 400 posts on mentalityWOD.com. I strongly believe that there are thoughts and behaviors that will help you navigate through each of those feelings so that you can accomplish […]