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Is It Time To Get A Coach?

When you have a fitness or performance goal, it’s best to have clear intentions and quality support. But, how do you know if it’s time to get a coach, or try a new program? Here are some basic guidelines and suggestions You may want to hire a fitness coach if…. You haven’t reached a goal you’ve been trying to reach for a while. You’ve been working towards it on your own, but still don’t feel as successful as you’d like to You feel stagnant or like your overall fitness is actually declining. Maybe you’ve seen your progress come to a halt, or […]

Best Practices When You’re Waiting

    Throughout your day you’ll have moments of waiting. You’re 5 minutes early for a meeting. You’re in line at the post office or grocery store. You’re waiting for your significant other at the restaurant. Traffic. Customer service calls. Waiting for your training partner. Sometimes the waiting can be viewed as an annoyance, and you’ll start to feel agitated by the inconvenience. Other times, you’ll see it as a chance to chill for a couple of minutes, and it’s no big deal. Either way, when you’re waiting…you have choices. When you start to feel frustrated or impatient, you can […]

What Type of Mentality Helps You Perform?

Occasionally I feature posts from other individuals who have helpful input about the mental side of fitness, training or life. I learn a lot from the athletes who I work with, and I love to share their stories and tips. Enjoy this post by April Lowe, CrossFit Masters Athlete (2015 &2016 CF Games) and someone who I’ve had the pleasure of coaching over the past 6 months. She recently finished 3rd place at The 2017 Wodapalooza and is prepping for The Open.     What Type of Mentality Helps You Perform Your Best? I have discovered recently that I perform my best when I approach each […]

Seeing Something Good, Even When It’s Bad

Gratitude and positivity. You hear about them all the time. See, it’s easy to be thankful when things are goin great. You feel happy and you see the good all around you. Most people can be thankful when the day is going how they want it to, or they’re experiencing something amazing. Yet, it’s likely a different story when the day is full of disappointments, letdowns, frustrations, and heartaches. Not so easy to be appreciative then is it? Ever been sick, incredibly angry, injured, depressed, or anxious? These aren’t typically fun experiences or states. Ever been in the hospital, in an accident, […]

The Difference Between Bitching & Sharing Your Struggles

It’s imperative that you learn how to communicate whatever it is that you’re feeling angry, sad, frustrated or anxious about. If you’re not exactly sure what’s bothering you, you can talk it out and brainstorm to figure it out. This process helps you become more aware and less stressed. You’ll be better at managing your emotions and navigating them so that you can hit your goals. I know people who don’t want to seem like they are complaining, so they don’t ever say what’s really on their mind because they don’t want to sound “negative,” but, that’s not such a great […]

How To Quickly Assess Your Performance

After a workout, take a few minutes to assess yourself and the quality of your session. Do this regularly and you’ll develop incredible self-awareness, you’ll be more focused and therefore less likely to repeat errors in the future. You’ll learn how to push yourself harder and you’ll develop critical lessons to become a more mature athlete. To be your absolute best, you need to reflect on how you performed and grow because of your experience. It’s not enough to just do the work, you gotta learn from what you do if you want to keep progressing. When you assess your […]

Easy Way To Make Connections & Impact Others

  To make an impact on others, ya might think that you have to say something profound or interesting. In an attempt to make a connection, you may end up trying to act smart or funny. Or, you try to connect by complaining or gossiping with the other person because I guess that’s an easy way to feel like you have something in common? One of the best things you can do to make a strong connection and impact others is ask questions. Ask questions that are open and likely require more than a 1 word answer. Instead of “How was your […]

Is Overplanning Limiting Your Success?

Some people are just natural planners. Some spend A LOT of time preparing by evaluating data, studying strategies and developing specific steps for future events. Some even come up with Plan A, B, C, D, E…. in an attempt to establish a comprehensive plan for every freaking imaginable situation. This can be a helpful practice, but it can also be very demanding. It can limit your ability to be present, confident and calm. Excessive planning can lead to anxiety, disappointment, stunted creativity, lack of trust and scattered focus. I also have seen “overplanning” actually hinder performance and limit success. No, I’m not […]

Get Real With Your Excuses

  It’s time to get honest about what you want and get on a plan for achieving it. If you know it will make you better, or more healthy, then ya gotta start taking steps to get beyond your excuses. Sure, there are hurdles. Yes, there will be some uncomfortable shit as you go after it. No, it’s not gonna be 100% easy or smooth. But guess what? It’s okay. It’s worth it. 1. Pick something that you have been wanting, but aren’t really feeling successful at doing. Pick something that you’re not getting better at doing, or just aren’t prioritizing like you […]

How To Develop Athletic Awareness

As a CrossFitter, you can probably name your Deadlift PR, Fran Time and Max Unbroken Handstand Walk if you were asked. If you play sports or compete in any other events, you can probably list your personal records, athletic achievements, best games and numbers from training. See, the more you know yourself, the easier it is to perform in a flow state. You’ll be able to make effective adjustments on the fly. You’ll find  it easier to push your limits and stay motivated. You’ll have a stronger understanding of what’s possible and how to set yourself up for success. Developing athletic […]

Not Getting What You Want From 1 Person?

You may not always get what you want from who you want it from, but you will always get what you need Read that again. Sit with it for a second. I remember the first time I heard this quote, and it instantly impacted me. In fact, it’s changed my perspective (for the better) on numerous occasions since. Are you waiting for that one person to say something what you have wanted to hear for a while? Are you waiting for someone to act in a certain way that you’ve always wanted him or her to? Do you have a […]

Are Sacrifices Hurting Your Mentality?

Sacrifice – Verb: give up (something important or valued) for the sake of other considerations. If you’re talking about what “sacrifices” you have made or are making, you’re talking about what you’ve “given up”. You’re putting your attention on what you “don’t do” or what you feel you “can’t do.” You are thinking about what you “wish you could do” instead of what you’re “grateful you are doing.” You may be trying to prove that you’re tough or that you’re more willing than others. You may be so focused on what you’re missing out on that you’re bitter about what […]