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3 Quick Mental Prep Methods For Athletes

Do not fall into the habit of walking in the gym and jumping right into the warm up without doing any mental preparation. Don’t chat with others about their plan and their goals until you’ve run through your own mental prep. Don’t even think about looking at the scoreboard or leaderboard without first considering your own focus areas, goals, and purpose. See, most people will do those things, and you don’t want to be most people do you? You want to be more confident, motivated and mentally strong…right? That’s why you’re on this site, reading this. So, BEFORE you talk […]

When To Stop Asking Why

“Know your WHY.” You hear myself and other leaders say it all of the time. I encourage you to know your purpose behind doing whatever it is you’re currently doing. Before any event, important day or training session, I suggest you run through a few key reminders why it matters to you, why you want to give it your best and why you want to accomplish your goals. The stronger your why, the stronger your will. The more connected you are with your purpose for doing something, the more likely you’ll pursue excellence in it. Your why matters. But, there are also […]

Positive Thinking Isn’t Always The Answer

“Stay positive…” you hear it all of the time. Coaches are drilling it into your head and there are hundreds of quotes out there aimed at helping you reframe your thoughts to be more positive. Of course I believe in the power of optimism and using hopeful language, that’s one of my core values. But, trying to convince yourself that something uncomfortable is “fun” or “good” isn’t always the best thing. Trying to pretend that you “love” something that you really don’t like, normally isn’t the answer.   Example: You see that ‘100 wall balls for time’ is programmed for you. You […]

A Different Twist On This Gratitude Thing

Gratitude changes everything. If you can be thankful for what you do have, you immediately feel better about what you don’t have. You can improve your perspective, mood, attitude and motivation in seconds. There is true power in expressing gratitude and steering your thoughts to things you can deeply appreciate. I’ve written about HOW to practice it HERE, but today I have a new twist for you to try. Normally, when you think about what you’re grateful for, you’ll think about what you have. You’ll consider things like your possessions, your capabilities and your relationships. You may even be thankful for […]

5 Benefits of Trials

Trials are inevitable. We are all going to face challenge, and we’ll continue to have hard times in training and in life. If you’re going through a tough time right now, I hope you can lean into your situation and continue to work through it, knowing that the shit won’t last forever. There may even be some benefits to the trials you’re facing. This post is to remind you that something good can and may come out of the trials you’re facing. You may not see the benefits immediately, but you gotta hold on to something and eventually pull a positive […]

Stop & Celebrate

  Do you get caught up in wanting to do more, get more, have more, and accomplish more? At times, does it feel like you aren’t getting anywhere or that it will never be enough?  Are you constantly thinking about what you have to do, and the goals and desires you have? Today, it’s time to stop and celebrate what you HAVE DONE and what good you have been doing. If you don’t take the time to appreciate your actions, you’ll get in an ugly cycle and may become ungrateful. It’s all about having that mental balance of appreciating what you’re doing or what you’ve done, […]

Tips From My 1 Mile Open Water Swim (first time)

Occasionally I’ll throw a personal story out there and hopefully you can take something from it. Yesterday I completed the “Sharkfest Swim.” It’s a 1 mile long course that goes from point A to point B, basically the length of the Coronado Bridge in San Diego. Other details I swim regularly in a pool and feel comfortable swimming a mile there, but had never done more than .5 at a time in the open water and that was over 3 years ago I signed up for the event about a week before and decided to just go for it It was 74 degrees out […]

How To Create “Luck”

Do you believe in luck? Do you think that some people are more lucky than others? If you want more things to work out in your favor, then maybe you can change your mindset. [Tweet “When you are kind, optimistic, open to change and willing to persevere…doors will keep opening.”] Some people might look at me and think that I’m lucky, or that good things just randomly happen to me…I hear it all the time. But, I don’t believe that it’s random at all, I think that it all starts with my attitude. Here are 5 tips to creating your own […]

Watch Out For “Over-The-Top” Language

Exaggerating is easy and it seems like the norm these days. I catch myself being a tad extreme and I know you do too. It’s like we are trying to make a statement or a clear point about how we feel. When we use “over-the-top” statements, we may be blowing things out of proportion or just trying to be funny. But, if your language is “over-the-top” AND negative… it’s time to stop that shit. Especially if it’s a regular habit of yours. 1. If it’s towards someone or something external, is it really “the worst situation of your entire life,” or […]

How 8 Minutes A Day Can Change Everything

To perform your best, and get the most out of your training sessions, you have to stay focused on your purpose and plan. The best way to do that is to keep a centered and present frame of mind. Try these 4, 2 minute mental routines throughout your day 2 minutes first thing in the morning, practicing gratitude and setting intentions 2 minutes before your workout, appreciating the opportunity, reminding yourself of your why, and setting intentions 2 minutes after your workout, reflecting on takeaways/learning lessons and positives 2 minutes before sleep, practicing gratitude and positive thinking If you’re not […]

A Quick Drill: How Do You Recenter?

What do you do when you’re freaking out? How do you shake off those negative thoughts and emotions? Do you know how to quickly calm yourself down and become re-centered? First, you can be quick to recognize when you’re feeling thrown off or unsettled. Then, you can use a strategy that you know will help you. But, you gotta understand what works for you. Let’s take a few minutes to build that awareness. Journal Drill What are the top 5 practices that help you feel more calm, centered, grounded, peaceful, hopeful and at ease? Think of what you may have used in […]

What’s The Key To Having A Powerful Mindset?

Do you think that some people are just optimistic, and some are negative? Do you think that you either have confidence or you don’t? Do you see amazing athletes and assume that they don’t have fear, doubt or worries like you do? Here’s the thing, we are all capable of improving our outlook, and thought patterns to live a better life. But also, we can all fall into unhelpful, unhealthy beliefs or attitudes. We can all learn, grow and change if we are willing to. The key to having a powerful mindset is practice. When you practice being more patient, you’ll […]