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The Mental Edge Program for WODs & Competitions
An Online, Membership Program - For ALL levels of CrossFitters. Access to the best selling Mentality WOD Program, that will help you get more out of your training and competing. Develop the mentality you need to perform your absolute best.
Build Mental Strength (eBook)
A PDF Download - For CrossFitters who want the edge. Learn how to overcome anything with 70 pages of info, drills and challenges! Improve your mental strength so that you can get through tough workouts. This book teaches you how to tackle your barriers, so that nothing holds you back. Includes "The Strong Mind Challenge" for you to try on any month of the year! For all levels.
100+ Journal Prompts For Athletes
A PDF Download - For EVERY type of athlete. Over 100 Journal Prompts - Improve your performance by strengthening your mental game!
MP3 Voice Recordings - Bundle
A collection of 11 MP3 Voice Recordings to help you improve your mentality. Mental Prep + Gratitude and Recovery Recordings + Visualizations + Breathing Practices
Conditioning Workouts
A PDF Download - For anyone who wants to improve their fitness. 50 Cardio Conditioning Workouts that will each take you 12 minutes or less. Get results quickly with these varied, functional workouts.

1-on-1 Coaching

Inner Circle Coaching | 2 Sessions
1 month of coaching with 2 (1 every other week) sessions - Email follow-up & weekly focus areas and goals to keep you on track - Includes a shared doc to track workouts and results
Inner Circle Coaching | 4 Sessions
1 month of remote coaching with 4 (1/week) sessions - Unlimited email contact to answer your questions & weekly focus areas, goals to keep you on track - Includes a shared doc to track workouts and results
Single Coaching Session
Grab a coaching session - In-Person, Skype, Facetime or Phone Call
Strength & Conditioning - CrossFit Programming | 1 Month
1 month of programming, shared document including mobility, strength, skill, conditioning, core & more. Whatever your goals are, I'll design a individualized plan to help you reach them.
Vision Coaching
Learn how to have your dream job or improve as a coach. Let's make your vision happen! Includes: 1 Assessment Session + 2 Follow-up Calls (skype, phone or facetime)
Video Analysis
Improve your WOD score: Includes feedback about your body language, breathing, rests, pacing, strategy, movement and more. Pricing is for a performance that's under 20 minutes.


Workshop Host & Guest Speaker
1.5 or 3 hour workshops available // Email


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