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“If you’ve ever engaged in a pursuit to get healthy before, you probably know how much of this venture comes from your mind. When you are able to start thinking like a healthy person, you are also able to start acting more like one too. By reading “MENTALITY WOD,” you can get your mind in the right place to inspire and motivation the next steps you need to take toward an overall healthier lifestyle.”

1 of the BEST 15 CrossFit Blogs You NEED To Be Reading


“A great blog for getting in the proper fitness mindset. Fitness is more than lifting heavy weight. MENTALITY WOD helps you strengthen your mentality.”

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“The MENTALITY WOD website focuses on the mindset and psychology aspects of CrossFit. Coach Dawn Fletcher provides great information on how to improve your strength, conditioning, and mindset. With an improved mindset, you can improve your performance and take your training to the next level.”

1 of The Top 100 Health & Wellness Related Blogs of 2017 


“MentalityWOD’s blog is Dawn Fletcher’s place to talk about goal-setting, motivation, and a lot of the mental aspects of fitness. She knows the physical performance cannot succeed without the mental aspect. Honestly, her words ring true in more scenarios than fitness and health; they are fitting for anything that requires work or effort for success.”


1 of The 63 Must-Read Blogs of 2016


For the 3rd year in a row MENTALITY WOD was named 1 of the best Health and Wellness blogs to follow by, a website dedicated to helping people live their healthiest lives.

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In the Health and Wellness category, MENTALITY WOD was 1 of 15 top blogs, and had this to say, “lots of focus is spent on exercising our bodies, but what about our minds? That’s where MENTALITY WOD comes in. Taking a cue from CrossFit’s workout of the day, this site publishes quick and actionable “workouts” to improve your thoughts, feelings, and attitudes. The blog’s founder, Dawn Fletcher, is a firm believer that improved mentality will lead to better performance, whether it be in the workplace or on the playing field.”

1 of The Top 14 Must-Read Fitness or CrossFit-Related Blogs

From Sweat RX Magazine

“All things of the mind, and how to deal with the intense side of training and sport.”

1 of The Top 25 Best Fitness Blogs

From, a healthy lifestyle site named MENTALITY WOD 1 of the top 25 Best Fitness Blogs in the World, saying “This blog by coach Dawn Fletcher is about the mental aspect of fitness with a special focus on CrossFit. MENTALITY WOD also touches upon the four major components that impact your mentality — sleep, nutrition, relationships and life-balance — for a well-rounded healthy lifestyle.”


1 of 30 Speakers at The Women’s Strength Summit 


30+ of the best female fitness, nutrition, and mindset pros came together in an online event called the Women’s Strength Summit. Dawn speaks alongside other amazing leaders like Jill Coleman, Jenn Sinkler, Dr. Prime, Emily Schromm, Julie Foucher, Diane Fu, Jenny Labaw and more  – Grab your ticket HERE

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Dawn Fletcher coaches top-level CrossFit athletes not in strength technique or athletic conditioning, but in leveling up their mental toughness. Fletcher believes that success in the gym comes from cultivating a positive attitude, self-confidence, and a can-do sprit that celebrates achievements, takes challenges in stride, and reframes failure as something that can inspire the next success.

Featured on The Barbell Shrugged Podcast

From — Available on iTunes

Episode 2: “MENTALITY WOD’s Dawn Fletcher explains how to improve your workouts and how to perform better during competition by building confidence and learning to relax.  Don’t miss episode 2 of the Barbell Shrugged Interview Series.”


Featured Webinar w/ Chris Spealler about The Mental Game of CrossFit

From Youtube

Talking about the mental battles we all face and helping athletes prepare for the 2016 CrossFit Open. Listen to this webinar, by watching the youtube video to hear what Chris Spealler, John Kim (the angry therapist), and myself have to say! Lots of tips in this discussion.


60 Must-Read Health, Fitness, and Happiness Blogs for 2015


“Lots of focus is spent on exercising our bodies, but what about our minds? That’s where MENTALITY WOD comes in. Taking a cue from CrossFit’s workout of the day, this site publishes quick and actionable workouts to improve your thoughts, feelings, and attitudes.The blog’s founder, Dawn Fletcher, is a firm believer that improved mentality will lead to better performance, whether it be in the workplace or on the playing field.”

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From Buzz Feed

“BuzzFeed Life spoke with Dawn Fletcher, CSCS, CrossFit coach and creator of MENTALITY WOD and came up with 17 ways to build up mental strength and give your body the workout you’re totally capable of. You can do this.”


Top 101 Self-Improvement Blogs That Help You Thrive 

From 99

“MENTALITY WOD is the blog by Dawn Fletcher, a fitness expert with 10 years of industry experience. What makes MENTALITY WOD a highly useful resource to find information on fitness, health, and exercise, is that it’s created to help you develop a powerful mentality so that you can accomplish anything you want. On MENTALITY WOD, you learn to train your mind and achieve all your fitness goals. The site is packed with practical and authentic content and thought- provoking coaching – a must for both beginners and advanced fitness enthusiasts.”

Featured on the Better Than Yesterday Podcast

From Compete Everyday

“Dawn is physical & mental performance coach that works with athletes in a number of sports to help them get the results they want. Dawn was named “1 of the Top 30 Most Influential Health Bloggers” and has been a great member of the Compete community since we first connected at the 2011 CrossFit Games.

We dive into building mental toughness, her daily routines for positive mindset & success, and her entrepreneurial journey.”

Featured on The Big Red Express Podcast


“Robbie is back and his interview with MENTALITY WOD coach/owner and founder Dawn Fletcher is finally here! They talk about one of the most important things not just in CrossFit but in athletics all over the globe, the mental game. A great insight to how the mind works, and how mind over matter isn’t as easy as you may think.”


Top 100 Health & Nutrition Blogs


Whether you want to accomplish a specific goal, be at the top of your game, or take your training to the next level, MENTALITY WOD’s motto is “Mindset is everything.”


Featured on The Airborne Mind Podcast

From Airborne Mind on Itunes

“Some things we chat about in this episode: Managing fear and other emotions we sometimes hate to experience — and training yourself to bounce back within seconds + Measurable ways to assess your mental strength + Tools you can use to push your end limits in every workout”


Featured on the Doc and Jock Podcast 

From iTunes Doc & Jock Podcast  and Athlete’s Potential 

Episode 28: “If you haven’t looked at the mental side of performance then this podcast is for you. The mental approach to sport is huge, yet often neglected.  Dawn has combined her passions for sport, Crossfit, and psychology into MENTALITY WOD, a platform where she helps CrossFit Athletes and others, realize their full mental potential.”

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“Dawn is a Level 3 CrossFit Coach who helps individuals improve their mental performance with tips and programs on her site MENTALITY  WOD. Connect with her on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.”


Featured on the Old Swole Podcast

From iTunes Old Swole Podcast and Old Swole

Episode 7: “Dawn Fletcher of MENTALITY WOD joins to discuss mental strength in fitness, CrossFit and life. We discuss her own journey into fitness and the Mental Edge Program she has developed for athletes.”


Featured on The 4th Pull Podcast 

From The 4th Pull 

Episode 21: “Dawn Fletcher is the founder of  She has her masters in sports psychology, she is a CSCS trainer and CrossFit Level 3 Coach.

She has helped numerous CrossFit Games athletes improve their mental game. She also works with everyday athletes to help them accomplish their goals and become better athletes.  When it comes to the mental game of a competitive exerciser Dawn Fletcher is the best.

In this episdoe we dive into tips and tricks to help the everyday athlete.  We speculate on what makes Rich Froning such a good athlete and we talk about how coaches can help athletes complete lifts and perform better through positive self talk and reflection.”