100+ Journal Prompts

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Want to make sure you perform your best?

Want to build the strongest mentality?

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What is it? 

A collection of 100+ questions to help you become the best athlete possible.


  • Competition Prep Questions – to get you ready to perform on event/game day
  • Post Competition Questions – to help you build on valuable takeaways from your performance/event/game
  • Annual and Seasonal Prompts – to help you prepare for the upcoming season and improve from the one you just finished
  • 52 General Prompts  – to help you become motivated, focused, confident and tougher than ever
  • Bonus Questions 


A sneak peek of a few questions in the download


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Who is it for?

  • You, if you’re training to improve in a sport or preparing for an upcoming game, event or competition
  • You, if you want to gain the mental edge on your competition and make sure that you’re getting better across the board
  • You, regardless of how old you are, or what sport you’re involved in
  • You, if you want to become the best athlete you can be
  • You, if you’re a coach who wants to help your athletes and wants to ask the right questions
  • You, if you’re a parent or significant other who wants to help the athlete in your life by asking the right questions


The best athletes in any sport are willing to put the time in to develop a stronger mind.

They work with mental performance coaches, do visualizations, journal prompts, mentality drills and more.

Are you willing to put in the work on your mental game?

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 “I started using mine last week and have already noticed more positive self-talk. I have kept a daily performance journal for 4 years, and this is a great tool for mentally preparing, competing, training, and recovering in and out of the gym.” – Karen A.


What do you do with your copy?

  • Pick any question that you like and think through OR jot down your responses for about 5-10 minutes
  • Do 1 prompt a day during your season, 1 a week… or as little as 1 question a month
  • If you’re a coach, use any of the 100+ questions to help your athletes improve
  • Journal your answers to the prompts regularly throughout the year for the BEST RESULTS

You’ll feel instant improvements in your mental game and athletic awareness after answering the prompts


Stronger mental game


How will it help you?

  • You’ll improve your mental toughness for incredibly tough training, games and events
  • You’ll gain more self-awareness so you can learn what will help you push when it matters the most
  • You’ll increase your confidence by understanding your strengths and learning just how to work through obstacles
  • You’ll identify preparation strategies that will help you gain an edge on your competition
  • You’ll learn how to stay motivated to reach your biggest goals
  • You’ll develop a stronger mind to battle through fear, anxiety, pressure, expectation, stress and setbacks
  • You’ll know how you can stay calm and composed through the ups and downs of your athletic season

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Only $11

Instant Download of the PDF!


If you’re looking for an edge, and want to make sure you can compete with the best, you have to train your mind.


Author: Dawn Fletcher, one of the only coaches in the world with a Master’s in Kinesiology with a focus in Sport Psychology, a Level 3 CrossFit Cert and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

I’ve recently named 1 of the 30 most influential health bloggers and I thankful to work with some of the best athletes in the world!

I created these 100+ Athlete Journal Prompts to help you get the results you want in your sport and your training.

I played 4 sports in high school and 3 in college and I’ve been helping athletes perform their best ever since. Sport and Performance Psychology is my passion and I want to help you reach your athletic goals.

I put this product together to help you become a smarter, more confident and resilient athlete.





This download will help you dig deeper to get more out of your abilities.

You’ll gain an edge on your competitors and you’ll discover all the strength you have within.

Use the questions to build a powerful mentality so you’re ready to compete and win.


With a strong, confident mentality, you will accomplish your biggest goals.


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Only $11

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