Is It Time To Assess Your Relationships?


I want to coach you, encourage you, challenge you and make you think. I want to help you to improve your mindset so that you can do amazing things in the gym and outside of it.

That being said, today I just want you to read the post and think for a few minutes. I have some thought-questions for you that I was thinking about today.

Think about the 10 people who you are closest to, or spend the most time with. Think about your loved ones and the people who you interact with.

  • Do those individuals work out regularly and challenge themselves to try new things?
  • Do those people love God, pray, meditate or attend spiritual/faith-related functions often?
  • Do those people call you just to tell you that they love you, or simply to ask you how your day went?
  • Do they go out of their way to do kind things for others, or give back?
  • Do those people pursue their passions and love what they do for a living?
  • Do the people around you have encouraging, positive things to say when most others are complaining?
  • Do the people in your crew share uplifting, cool and interesting things on their social media?
  • Do those individuals prioritize eating foods that are nutritious, real and healthy?

I’ve been taking some time to think over these questions (and probably at least 10 other ones). I’m not suggesting that there is an “ideal crew” that you must constantly surround yourself with, but I do think that it’s important to hang out with people who take care of themselves and who take care of others. Hopefully you’ll keep working to be your best and you can keep attracting other amazing people towards you.

Maybe you can add some questions to this list so that you can think about what types of people you want to be surrounded with, or maybe you pay no attention to it whatsoever.

Just some thoughts. Share yours below.


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