Ego: What To Watch Out For

Are you regularly looking for quick ego boosts?

Do you seek that immediate “feel good” feedback over something more rewarding in the long run?

2 simple questions to ask yourself about your choices, decisions and behaviors

  1. Am I trying to look better to others? Am I trying to seem smarter, wealthier, hotter, cooler, faster, stronger or happier?
  2. Am I trying to get attention? Am I trying to feel “good” by getting flattered, getting likes, feeling desired by someone, or being complimented?

We all have egos and it’s imperative that we take a deeper look at our behaviors and our purpose behind our decisions. When you can do this throughout your day, you’ll be more in tune with WHAT you’re seeking and WHY you’re seeking it.

Be careful! Fueling your ego may bring a temporary satisfaction of some sort, but it will often feel empty and leave you searching for more.

Bottom Line: If you’re constantly seeking a quick-fix, or immediate “ego-boosting” feedback, then you’re not putting your energy into more nourishing, purposeful, rewarding, deep-rooted, lasting thoughts, actions and relationships.



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