Successful Athletes Use These Strategies

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The reason you aren’t at the level you might like to be, could have nothing to do with your physical capacity. You’ve learned all the moves, you are consistent, you train hard, you train smart, and you eat pretty healthy. But…you haven’t quite broken that barrier to feel like you can compete with the best for any given workout. Maybe you’re not paying enough attention to the most important aspect…your mentality.

The athletes who use helpful mental strategies are the ones who are winning competitions and setting PR after PR. The ones who don’t…aren’t. So, are you ready to take your training and performance to the next level?

Then, learn from what the best athletes are doing.

Really Successful Athletes Use These Mental Strategies:

  • They develop and practice specific preparation routines
  • They concentrate on the upcoming performance and block out irrelevant or harmful thoughts
  • They don’t worry about other competitors or uncontrollable factors, focusing instead on what IS controllable
  • They are quick to identify and reverse any negative self-talk, staying positive and confident
  • They have appropriate goals and expectations for their performances
  • They are quick to refocus and recover after a mistake or an unexpected setback
  • They choose to remain optimistic even in the most physically and mentally demanding WODs
  • They are able to recognize and communicate emotional issues that are holding them back
  • They are able to remain cool under tension and stress (able to regulate arousal levels)
  • They learn how to reduce anxiety to benefit from it
  • They develop and maintain awareness
  • They are able to shift their attention quickly and effectively
  • They engage in mental rehearsal and visualizations
  • They are able to use disassociation, self-talk and mental strength skills to get through pain and fatigue
  • They create balance in their lives outside of the box
  • They seek coaching and always try to learn from themselves and others

These are all techniques that you can train, and implement. Mental Performance Training is just as important than physical training. You can only go as far as your mind will allow you to. Athletes who work with a coach who helps them with their mentality are more able to tap into their full potential. If you want to become a more dominating athlete, then you must train your mental game.

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January 27, 2017 at 7:57 AM

I really struggle with mental toughness. This is good read! Thanks


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