Do You Regularly Feel Tired In WODs?


Do you regularly feel fatigued, lethargic, fatigued, weak, or “out of gas” during your workouts? You could have mental signs like negative self-talk or feelings of discomfort. You might be recognizing physical signs like sloppy form, tripping up, slow movement or poor body language.

If you’re always feeling tired in workouts, here’s a list of 6 things you may want to assess

1. Rest – Are you on a regular sleeping pattern of 8 hours or more a night? Could you do a better job at making sure that you’re well-rested and recovered?

2. Fuel – Are you eating enough nutrient-dense food? Are you getting adequate protein, carbs and fat in your diet?

3. Life Balance – Is your schedule jammed and requiring too much from you? Could you make some adjustments with how you spend your time and energy?

4. Emotional-Energy – Are you giving out too much of yourself and is your tank feeling empty? Could you make some changes to feel more rejuvenated and full?

5. Training Intensity – Are you going nuts every time you train? Are you trying to move too fast for what your body can handle? Could you do a better job at managing your training intensity so that you can actually get more out of your workouts?

6. Mental Skills – Do you use effective self-talk strategies when you begin to feel fatigued? Have you worked on developing specific performance goals and understanding your purpose, so that you can push when it feels tough? Do you know how to use your thoughts to help you battle fatigue and discomfort?


Remember, if you’re wiped after a workout that you’ve put full effort into, it’s completely great and normal to be tired. If you push yourself and work your ass off, then you will feel like the WOD is challenging, and that’s how you know you’re giving it your all. But, if you’re constantly feeling like you just don’t have “enough to give”, then you’ll likely want to make some improvements in the areas listed above.


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3 Comments on “Do You Regularly Feel Tired In WODs?

Eric Daniells
September 11, 2014 at 6:48 PM

I hadn’t considered emotional state to be honest… been feeling run down more than usual after working out hard, but was totally unsure why. Was getting great sleep, work is going fine, nothing major was happening to me, but I now understand why some men say “My wife and I are pregnant” because it’s really a journey you share emotionally, as well as so much more. Unsure how to balance it out just yet but am sure we’ll get back into stride once we get used to things with a little one growing.

February 23, 2015 at 1:29 AM

I find a good smoothie with bananas and protein helps keep the energy levels up after a workout.

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