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 Remote Coaching Options

Work with Level 3 CrossFit Certified Coach and MENTALITY WOD Owner Dawn Fletcher

Inner Circle Client
8 Sessions
Inner Circle Client
4 Sessions
Mental Edge Program
$1000/Month $525/Month $37 1x Payment For Instant Access!
Ready to achieve a specific CrossFit or Sport goal?

  • 8, 1 hour sessions
  • Phone or Skype 2x per week
  • Unlimited email contact
  • Help w/ all of your training & competition questions
  • Weekly focus drills, readings, and goals
  • Shared tracking sheet for training & specific mentality notes
Ready to compete at a higher level in CrossFit or a Sport?

  • 4, 1 hour sessions
  • Phone or Skype 1x per week
  • Unlimited email contact
  • Help w/ all of your training & competition questions
  • Weekly focus drills, readings, and goals
  • Shared tracking sheet for training & specific mentality notes
Want to get the most out of WODs and competitions?

  • 6 months access to online training
  • Tips, downloads, drills, and videos
  • 6 sections of performance psychology info & insight
  • Tons of strategies to improve daily WODs
  • Competition prep drills and downloads

Read more about the Mental Edge Program here!


“Dawn is a GURU. She’s helped me in all aspects of CrossFit. Not too many people know how much work goes into what she does. Decades of searching, thinking, studying, having the inquisitive mind to strive for better ways, being direct when it calls for and just listening when that is the best path. Schooling, Certifications, COUNTLESS hours STRIVING For THE perfect plan for athletes.

This lady never ceases to amaze me. She is the best in the business. I’m constantly thanking Dawn for her wisdom, love, help and support. I highly recommend her teachings and services. I’m going up to the next level in training and more importantly life. I believe that she possesses some unreal powers.. a gift from God.”- Vic McQuaide, 4th fittest at 2014 CrossFit Games (45-49), 8th in 2015

Other Coaching Options

A. Single Session


  • Need some quick advice?
  • Want me to analyze your competition or event video and review strategy?
  • Want to make sure you’re prepared to execute your plan?
  • Want to find out what your gaps are and why you’re not improving as quickly as you’d like to?


B. Programming | Strength & Conditioning, CrossFit, General Fitness


  • Individualized programming with google doc shared spreadsheet
  • Includes mobility, strength, conditioning, skills, and more – specific progressions to help you reach your goals


C. WOD or Performance Video Analysis


  • Includes 1 workout or performance video analysis (pricing is for a workout/performance that’s under 20 minutes)
  • I’ll review your video and give you feedback to improve your score
  • Feedback about your body language, breathing, rests, pacing, strategy, movement and more



D. 1/2 Day & Full-Day Immersion Coaching in San Diego

Prices Vary

  • Want to spend a whole day with Dawn creating powerful routines, learning breathing practices and meditation techniques, building mental strength with intense challenges, training at one of the best local boxes, doing cold water therapy, adventuring in gorgeous San Diego (hiking, paddleboarding, surfing, yoga, climbing etc.), learning how to balance work and play, eating amazing food, and having a freaking blast too?
  • Each day can be customized to fit exactly what you want to get out of your time. Want to spend the day working on your coaching business? Great, we’ll meet at a coffee shop. Want to spend the day training with the only female in San Diego with a Level 3 CrossFit Cert? Awesome, we’ll get after it with a solid plan. Want to spend the day trying new things and improving your mindset? Let’s do it.
  • Email for pricing and scheduling

Email Me!

E. Event/Game Day Coaching 

Prices Vary

  • You can be coached in person, in Southern California or at the location of your event
  • Email for pricing

Email Me!

F. Vision Coaching


  • Ready to make coaching your career or ready to make a living working for yourself?
  • Want to find out how to get paid to do what you love?
  • Want to improve your coaching skills and learn from someone who has over 10 years of experience as a professional coach?
  • This package includes: 1 assessment call with 2 follow-up sessions, specific goals, troubleshooting, focus areas with action steps, strategies for success and unlimited email contact


“Dawn has truly has been such an inspiration and great coach along this journey. I cannot thank her enough for all of her guidance and support truly when I needed it most.” – Steph Gaudreau, Owner of



Coaching FAQ

How Does Inner Circle Coaching Work?

  1. You start out by filling out a free assessment that I email to you – that way I can get an idea of where you are and how you may be able to improve
  2. We decide if we are a good fit and what package or how many sessions would work best
  3. We schedule our first session & hop on a phone call, skype or facetime for 45 min-1hr
  4. We review your assessment and I get to know you (goals, motivations, experience, obstacles, etc.)
  5. We work through a plan and coaching that will help you improve your mentality and your performances
  6. I send you notes, drills, readings, strategies, suggestions and more each week to keep you on track
  7. You get better and better and better…

What if I’m interested, but not sure where to start or I think it’s too expensive?

  1. Send me an email ASAP and let me know that you want to find out how you can improve,
  2. Review the press kit & testimonials below to find out more about myself, MENTALITY WOD and this coaching
  3. Start with one of the programs or products if you’re still unsure The Mental Edge Program and The Build Mental Strength eBook are for CrossFitters and the 100 Journal Prompts are for ALL athletes.

How do I get started with one-on-one remote coaching?

  • Email me to complete a free mental performance assessment and before purchasing ANY inner circle package
  • *One-on-one coaching is available on a limited basis. I want to be able to give my time and energy to each person and my clients are extremely important to me so I don’t take on many people at once.


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Dawn’s Quick Bio

Dawn is one of the only coaches in the world with a Master’s in Kinesiology with a focus in Sport Psychology, who is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. She’s is among very few female coaches with a Level 3 CrossFit Certification, and the only one in Southern California. This is a unique combination that is unmatched in the fitness industry.

In addition to coaching, Dawn writes and speaks about fitness, CrossFit and mindset as often as possible. Dawn has been named “1 Of The 30 Most Influential Health Bloggers” and her site is recognized as a “Top Fitness, Happiness & Health Blog,” and “1 Of The Top 5 CrossFit Sites.”

Dawn’s favorite work is helping clients one-on-one. She takes on a limited number of clients each month so she can give her all to them. Dawn has helped numerous athletes reach The CrossFit Games and CrossFit Regionals. She’s helped someone run a 100 mile race, someone else prepare for BUD/S Navy Seal Training and has helped thousands of individuals accomplish their biggest goals

Dawn Fletcher brings her formal education, certifications, and passion for helping people to

Dawn’s main objective is to help you develop a strong mindset so that you can reach your fitness, sport performance and life goals. She’s created “The Mental Edge Program” and wrote the eBook “Build Mental Strength: Learn how to overcome anything” for CrossFitters. She just released  “100+ Journal Prompts” and the “MP3 Voice Recordings Package.”


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