Bent Over Staring At Your Hands

(043) Bent Over, Staring At Your Hands

Training your mind also includes training your body. Sometimes, you may be struggling during a WOD and you know you should be saying positive mantras to yourself, but it’s just not working. You’re battling, in pain, losing steam, or just over it.

When your mind starts to get the best of you, you have to make actual physical changes in your approach.

  • Get your eyes back onto the pullup bar and stop staring at the blisters on your hand each time you have to drop down.
  • Pull your shoulders back and stand up tall instead of hunching over and pouting between rounds.
  • Lift your head up and stare straight ahead and stop running with your eyes down.
  • Nod your head yes after a missed lift, instead of shaking your head no.

Yea, this is kinda like ‘faking it til you make it’. The more you practice these techniques with your body, the better your mind will react and the better your body will perform. IT IS ALL CONNECTED (in case you didn’t know).


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