2 Common Mistakes New Competitors Make

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Question: What are the 2 most common mental mistakes that athletes make who are new to competing in CrossFit?

My Quick Answer: 

I would say these are the 2 most common and most detrimental mistakes that people make that keep them from performing their best (regardless of if they are a new competitor or seasoned competitor).

1. Getting caught up with STUFF that doesn’t matter and it ends up messing up focus and performance. I often see competitors who are consumed with what others are doing, the placement/ranking of athletes, expectations, drama with spectators, what’s happening with judges or media, the weather, etc. – These factors are considered the “uncontrollable factors”, which you can not do anything about anyway. Athletes who get caught up with these things do not compete their best and often are making themselves feel more stressed, anxious and pressured.

2. Not knowing how to stay, or become, calm, cool and collected. You have to actually practice this (successfully) before you get to your competition, and learn what works best for you. You should know how to calm down if something goes wrong, and how to stay relaxed before and between events. You have to know what your strategies are going to be, and you must have had success practicing those strategies in training (this way you can visualize yourself remaining calm under pressure and dealing with setbacks, stress or the unknown).


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