When Your Training Feels Like A Job


Have your workouts ever started to feel like a chore or a job? You once looked forward to training and then it began to feel like an obligation. Has this ever happened to you?

Follow these 5 tips

  1. Remind yourself of your choices. You can always choose, and it’s likely that no one is forcing you.
  2. Change your language. You don’t “need” to workout or “have” to train. Instead, remember that you “get” to workout, you’re “able” to train and that it’s a blessing to have the opportunity.
  3. Vary your schedule, environment and training partners. Get creative and mix it up so that you can enjoy it again.
  4. Reassess your goals, expectations and training demands. Check in with a coach or training partner to see if what you’re doing is appropriate.
  5. Take a damn break. If you’re constantly dreading it, then you’ll likely see your progress come to a halt and your attitude outside of the gym will start to be negatively impacted.

Bottom Line: Of course your training may feel like an obligation, a duty or even a “job” at times. But, realize that perception may be causing you to feel more stress, pressure, expectation and doubt. You may start to dread your workouts, instead of being pumped about the opportunity to participate.

Work through the tips above and you’ll find that your thoughts and attitude will begin helping you instead of holding you back.


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