A Simple Mental Prep Question


As part of your mental prep you can ask yourself this quick question

  “What am I looking forward to?”

You may do this before work, before you enter the gym, or before you even get out of bed (which is probably best). You can create a habit of asking yourself this question each time you begin to feel overwhelmed.

We are quick to think about what we don’t want to face in our days. We begin to concentrate on whatever it is that we feel like we “have” to do, and it starts to dominate our thoughts. It’s common to think about pressure, expectations or to-do lists that we have. But, what if you’re ONLY thinking about what you’re dreading, or all the negative bullshit? Then, you’re constantly feeling anxious, doubtful, or just frustrated with your situation.

Remember, it’s okay to get down, but we don’t want to STAY down. Right?

Each time your mind begins to emphasize a stressor, you can use that as a chance to implement a more beneficial thought.

This practice will help you:

Focus on the positive

Remind yourself of the simple joys

Recognize the opportunities

Become more grateful

Improve your attitude

Stay grounded

Be more optimistic and hopeful


Search until you come up with at least ONE thing you can appreciate and look forward to, even if it’s the simplest, littlest thing.

Bottom Line: Once you’ve created the habit of asking yourself this question, you’ll find it easier and easier to think about all the GOOD STUFF you have goin on.

Comment below with what you’re looking forward to today.


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