Challenge: Expose & Attack Your Weaknesses


This post is for you if you want to be the best athlete you can be and if you’re always looking for ways to take your training to the next level. When you’re willing to expose and attack anything that makes you uncomfortable, you’ll continue to feel your confidence soar.

Are you ready to do whatever it takes?

Try this quick drill:

  • Create or list 5 workouts that you reaaaallllllllly would not want to come up in the programming
  • Think through time domains, movements, combinations, or rep schemes that you are incredibly uncomfortable with or dislike. These might be workouts that you’ve faced before, or that you’ve seen other people do. It could be a workout that you just make up. Consider what would make you really anxious if you found out that you had to do it in a competition. Pull pieces from whatever you can to create the WORST workouts for yourself.
  • The goal is to be completely honest with what you wouldn’t want to face. Jot down at least 5 workouts that you know would make you extremely uncomfortable, both mentally and physically.

Now, you’ve taken the first step which is improving your awareness. To take it to the next level, you would start attacking the workouts (or even parts of them) ASAP. You’d also want to plan when you’ll reassess your effort.

Bottom Line: The best athletes in any sport can actually get excited about training weaknesses, and are always trying to expose themselves to the uncomfortable.



Are you ready to face anything that could be holding you back?

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