Do You Have A Bad Gym Habit?


The first step to improving, is building awareness. Take a look at yourself and your habits so that you can see what you want to work on. We can’t get better, unless we know what’s important to improve.

Do you have any of these bad gym habits? Which ones are you ready to work on and change?

  1. Using negative language (in your head/to yourself) – talking down to yourself, constantly thinking about how you’re not good enough
  2. Using negative language (out loud) – bitching and complaining, gossip, negative assumptions 
  3. Focusing on everything BUT what you’re doing
  4. Dillydallying and wasting time before, during and after your workouts (social media can be a huge distraction)
  5. Avoiding coaches or feedback from others
  6. Boasting
  7. Displaying poor body language – unapproachable, cocky, distracted or negative 

What other poor gym habits do you see?

Which one(s) are you going to work on eliminating or reducing?

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