How To Create “Luck”


Do you believe in luck? Do you think that some people are more lucky than others?

If you want more things to work out in your favor, then maybe you can change your mindset. [Tweet “When you are kind, optimistic, open to change and willing to persevere…doors will keep opening.”]

Some people might look at me and think that I’m lucky, or that good things just randomly happen to me…I hear it all the time. But, I don’t believe that it’s random at all, I think that it all starts with my attitude.

Here are 5 tips to creating your own “luck”

1. Be ridiculously nice to people. Take the time to engage with and compliment others. Make someone’s day, encourage them and show them your love. I seriously think this is one of the biggest keys to having more luck. If you’re really kind, people will want to help you out, they will work with you and maybe they’ll even surprise you with their kindness in return.

2. Persevere through setbacks, detours and failures. Each time you come up against some type of friction or barrier, see it as a stepping stone to getting closer to where you want to be. Adapt to each and every situation by persevering and changing your plan of attack.

3. Put yourself out there. Continue to try new things and push your boundaries. See if you can “get uncomfortable” on purpose, so that you’re more comfortable seeking new experiences. Look for ways to do things differently throughout your day and expose yourself to new conditions, environments and interactions.

4. Be positive by focusing on the possibilities and blessings. Continue to find ways to be enthusiastic in the face of challenge and to help others be more optimistic. Keep searching for the opportunities and stay hopeful about the future, while appreciating the past and present.

5. Be open-minded. If you’re only focused on one specific plan or result, you may be missing out on something that’s even better. Keep a broad focus and be willing to consider different opinions or options. Know that there is more than one route, and stay open and relaxed.

What can you do differently today, or this week? Can you work on 1 of these 4 to improve your “luck?”


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