Top Warning Signs That You’re Headed Towards Burn-Out

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Burn-out is most commonly defined by unusual fatigue/exhaustion, lack of motivation, and performance declines. It’s often challenging to decipher if we are just feeling normal signs from a demanding schedule, or if there is something more detrimental going on. It’s best that you keep a pulse on your physical and emotional state and stay in regular communication with a training partner, coach or loved one about how you’re feeling and if you’re experiencing anything unusual.

Have you been feeling

  • Disinterested – Do you consistently feel that you don’t have any drive or passion?
  • Lethargic – Do you regularly feel tired and like you’re dragging?
  • Unmotivated – Have you started dreading your workouts and upcoming events? Are you regularly not having any fun at all?

Have you been experiencing

  • Sickness & Injury – Are you consistently feeling sick and do you have nagging injuries?
  • Difficulty Focusing – Is it tougher than usual for you to persevere towards your goals?
  • Performance Slumps – Are you noticing that you’re stuck or that your performance is declining or stagnant?
  • Mood Swings – Are you lashing out, or having uncommon negativity, anxiety, complaints or anger?
  • Difficulty Eating or Resting – Have you noticed that your regular recovery and nutrition strategies seem “off?”
  • Withdrawal – Are you pulling away from your training partners, friends, family or significant other?

If you’re noticing several of these physical and emotional signs, then it’s likely time to make a change. Having any of these feelings on occasion is normal and doesn’t necessarily mean you need to run away from your sport forever. But, these signs are often experienced because there is some type of imbalance in your training or in your personal life. Pay close attention to these signs and express your feelings and emotions before they become a bigger issue. A quick break or some small changes can make an enormous difference.

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