The #1 Way To Intimidate Your Competition

Power_Keg_70Occasionally I will post frequently asked questions and my quick answers. These posts will be tagged “ask coach”, so you can find them easily.

Question: “How should I intimidate my opponents at a competition?”

My Quick Answer: It’s not necessarily helpful to go around a competition trying to intimidate every other athlete. By doing that, you’re putting excessive energy into something you can’t control anyway (if or how they respond).

Yes, you’ll want to continue feeling confident and prepared by doing all that you can to stay focused and positive. But, you’ll have your best chance to intimidate your opponents by how you act during game-time. You’ll make the biggest impression by how you compete.

  • But, the #1 way to intimidate your opponents is…dominating your performance when it counts.

Bottom Line: Focus on what you can do to get the most out of your performance instead of focusing on how to intimidate your opponents before the match/game/race/competition. The more you win, the more intimidating you are.

Adapt quickly, stay positive, move efficiently and persevere with unwavering focus.

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