A Quick Drill: What Habits Help You?


You know how some days just go better than others? Like some weeks you may on a roll, and others it’s like you just can’t get your shit together?

You may get overwhelmed with all that you “should” be doing or want to be doing to improve. These days you may feel like you have to keep up with mobility apps, nutrition tracking sites, mentality WODs, specialty programing and all sorts of postings on your social media. It can get exhausting and you may feel like you’re never doing enough.

Take a few minutes today, to simplify it all. Remind yourself of what’s most important to YOU, so that you can be successful. Write your answers to these questions, and keep them somewhere visible so that you can refer to them.

Quick Journal Drill:

  • What are the top 3 habits that help you stay on track with your nutrition goals? Also write down what you can do to make sure each of those happen?


  • What are the top 3 habits that help you have quality sleep/rest and recovery? Also write down what you can do to make sure each of those happen?


  • What are the top 3 habits that help you have quality training sessions or that help you hit your workout goals? Also write down what you can do to make sure each of those happen.


You can repeat this process for any other habit that you know is imperative to your growth and success. Just keep bringing your thoughts and focus back to what you can control, and what’s most important for you to remember.

Bottom Line: You can only prioritize a few things, so continue to build systems and routines into your life that make everything EASIER.


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