A Quick Drill: How Do You Recenter?


What do you do when you’re freaking out? How do you shake off those negative thoughts and emotions? Do you know how to quickly calm yourself down and become re-centered?

First, you can be quick to recognize when you’re feeling thrown off or unsettled. Then, you can use a strategy that you know will help you. But, you gotta understand what works for you. Let’s take a few minutes to build that awareness.

Journal Drill

  • What are the top 5 practices that help you feel more calm, centered, grounded, peaceful, hopeful and at ease? Think of what you may have used in the past, or what others have helped you with.
    • List the ways, and then jot down any specific notes, or reminders for yourself

Is it a particular song, prayer, thought, quote, action, or way of breathing? What can you do, focus on, or remind yourself of to bring some ease? Who can you go to, and what helps you?

Of course you’ll want to use these practices when you really need them, but do you see how you could benefit from them on a regular basis? What if you incorporated 1-2 of them into your daily routine, even when you’re not feeling particularly stressed or unsettled? Do you think regularly using your “re-centering strategies” would help you feel more steady throughout your training and life? I sure do.


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