2 Keys To Making A Positive Change or Creating A New Habit


If you are trying to create a new habit, then you’ll want to understand your motivations. The more motivated you are, the easier it will be to succeed. The stronger your WHY, the stronger your will. And, we all know that creating change, can be incredibly challenging…so you’ll want all the will you can get.

You might be trying to change a certain unhelpful thinking patterna nutrition habit, or a morning routine that you know is keeping you from flourishing.

As you’re preparing to make a change, or start a new habit think through these 2 things

1. Know the benefits: List out all the potential benefits that you could feel by sticking to the changes. Make sure you understand why and how those improvements will occur. Think through what type of ripple effect that could cause and all of the benefits that it will bring you and others.

2. Know the consequences: List out all of the consequences that could occur from NOT making the change. Educate yourself, and understand the downsides of not creating new habit, or not breaking an unhealthy pattern. Think through the ways this could limit you and your well-being or how it could negatively impact those around you.


It would be best to share your thoughts/lists with your inner circle, or someone you can count on. You can use these lists as motivation to help you get where you want to be. Sometimes we are more motivated by what we DON’T want, than what we DO want.

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Comment below with what change or habit you’re committing to.

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