Incorporate Surprise Workouts To Improve Your Mentality


When was the last time you went to the box without knowing the workout until you got there? When is the last time you let a coach tell you what you were going to do minutes before it was go-time?

Do you always “have to know” the plan, so that you can think through it and get yourself properly prepared? How much carryover does that have to the real world or to a competition setting?

This week’s challenge

  • If you go to regular CrossFit classes, don’t look at the workout until the coach tells you what it is either during warm-up or after.
  • If you are coached individually, ask your coach not to reveal the WOD until minutes before you’re gonna go (assuming you’ve warmed up properly already).
  • If you follow another website or program, don’t look at what it is until you get to the gym.
  • *Coaches, if you sense your athletes are starting to pick and choose their workouts, be sure to chat with them and try some different surprise strategies.

Maybe you could benefit from doing this way more often than you already do. Maybe you do this already and it’s not something uncommon or irregular for you.

Continue to practice training your ability to adapt to anything life or training could throw at you.

This is especially important to do if you want to compete. The athlete who is able to adapt mentally and physically will be the one who comes out on top most often.


If you want more:

  •  Remote coaching for anyone looking to improve: email for your free assessment

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