Top 12 Mentalities Going To The 2015 CF Games


Over the years, I’ve seen an incredible shift in competitive CrossFitters. I’ve been at The Games for the past 5 years and I’ve watched athletes improve in every imaginable way. I’ve been most impressed with how the athletes have improved from within. The intangible factors are the ones that I’m particularly interested in, and these days it is apparent that top CrossFitters are training their minds.

I hope that I’ve made a small impact on people appreciating just how “mental” this sport is.

I’ve chosen 12 athletes who are aware, confident, focused, tenacious, balanced, coachable and adaptable. They also help others, stay grateful and are as tough as they come. These are 12 well-rounded athletes who continue to push their limits, do what they love and take care of themselves. Their mindsets set them apart and give them an edge.


Top 6 Mentalities – Men

  • Noah Olsen – Mat Fraser – Dan Bailey – Scott Panchik – Chad Mackay – Lucas Parker

Top 6 Mentalities – Women

  • Annie Thorisdottir – Kara Webb – Camille Leblanc-Bazinet (I actually think that her mental game kept her from being at the top in previous years, but beginning last year she was very different) – Dani Horan – Margaux Alvarez – Emily Bridgers

I’ve chosen these ridiculously talented athletes because of how they carry themselves (in training, life and even on social media) and how they respond to the pressures of competition. If you’re looking to improve your mental game, I suggest you keep an eye on these athletes. I believe that each of them has what it takes to be on the podium in July at the 2015 CrossFit Games!


*Listed in no particular order. These picks are based off of my opinion and from studying these athletes. They are some of my favorites to watch and support – especially the ones that I know use mentality WOD which obviously gives them an advantage 🙂


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