A Quick Method To Improve Perspective


I’ve been using this for a long time, and thinking about this concept for years. As far as I know, I made up the “Zoom In, Zoom Out Approach” because it made sense in my mind. Hopefully I’ll share something here that you can use as well.

Let’s say you start to feel bothered. You start feeling agitated, angry, unsettled, stressed or anxious. You can immediately use a 2 step process that I find immensely helpful.

1) Zoom In: This step is about diving deeper into what’s going on inside of you

a) what exactly are you feeling?

b) why might you be feeling that way?

You can take a quick moment to figure out what’s going on and why it’s effecting you.

2) Zoom Out: After you’ve identified what’s going on and why, you can then bring your thoughts back out to the bigger picture so that you don’t STAY BOTHERED

a) how much does this (whatever it is that’s bothering you) matter in the grand scheme of things? Reminding yourself that it’s a huge world and life will continue to go on.

-If it does really matter, decide how can you be proactive so that you can continue to positively impact the world around you?

-If it doesn’t really matter, and you’d rather stay in a good frame of mind, then move on ASAP and get back to your purpose.

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There are many more drills and thinking patterns you can practice to become your best. If you’re ready to improve your mentality, then contact dawn@mentalitywod.com to hear about remote coaching and fill out a free mental performance assessment.

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