How To Improve Optimism and Reduce Stress


It’s easy to think about what you “should have done”, “could have done” or “wish you’d done”. But, what if you’re always thinking about what didn’t go right, and you’re constantly stressing about what you gotta change or do differently? Are those thoughts helpful, or, could you do a better job of staying calm, focused and present?

Try this for the next 2 weeks (it’s been shown to help other sleep better, get more done & be more appreciative)

  • Towards the end of the day, write down all of the choices that you made that you were proud of. These choices could have led to accomplishments, improved well-being, or reduced stress levels.

This practice will help you become

  • more optimistic and confident. You’ll be able to look at the positives instead of focusing on the negatives. This practice can improve your mood and outlook so that you can continue to be successful.

If you’re a driven individual who is always looking to improve, this may help bring a bit of balance to your mindset. You can stop to appreciate growth, and still stay hungry for more…now that’s a powerful combination.

If you’re struggling to unwind, or to fall asleep at the end of your day, do you think it’s more helpful to review what you’re grateful for, and what you’re proud of…or to think about what you need to do, or should have done?


There are many more drills and thinking patterns you can practice to become your best. If you’re ready for more results in the gym and in your life, then it’s time to improve your mentality. Contact and see if there are any remote coaching spots available, and fill out a free mental performance assessment.

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