A Drill For Building Awareness & Confidence


Writing can help you analyze your performance and organize your thoughts so that you can focus on what matters. There are many “journal drills” that you can do to increase your confidence, motivation, and mental strength.

I understand that it might feel weird for some of you who don’t normally journal, but just start with bullet points and brief notes. Practice, and before you know it, you’ll be more comfortable analyzing yourself, journaling, and doing similar mental training drills.

Try this

  • Spend at least 10 minutes writing down 20 or more things you love about yourself as an athlete
    • You may want to think about what you DO well
    • Also think about what traits/characteristics that you embody that you’re proud of, or like
    • What positive words would you use to describe yourself in the gym or competition?
    • You could start each line by saying “I love that I _____” and you can always read these back to yourself when you want a boost

If you want to become a better CrossFitter, continue to work on your mentality every damn day.



If you want more:

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