Coaching Tip: Explain The Why To Help Others Commit


Coaching Tip: Occasionally, I will post tips specifically for the coaches out there. If you’re not a coach, you will still be able to use them to improve as an athlete, teammate or training partner. In fact, these ideas can be transferred over into many situations in your life.

To help athletes gain an appreciation for what movement or workout they are going to do, provide them with a reason WHY you are doing it, or why you have programmed it. If you let people know why something is important, they will likely understand it better.

I know that I am more motivated, determined and committed when I actually understand the reasoning behind something. Aren’t you?

As a leader, you can make a positive influence on your athletes, staff, coworkers and training partners by expressing purpose.

Here are some examples

1. Before you explain the Deadlift, and let people go off to do their 7 sets of 2, briefly explain the importance of heavy posterior chain training and keeping a strong, solid core.

2. After you ask your staff to come to a meeting, explain to them why you want to have one, and how it’s going to benefit the team to be involved.

3. When you’re going to do ask someone to push themselves as hard as possible in the upcoming short met-con, briefly tell them why hitting these intervals hard is going to help them become faster, and more mentally strong.

Of course, you don’t need to do this every single time, but if you can give direction and also support the reason behind the suggestion, it will be much more powerful.

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